150°'s Visionary Top 5: Predictions for 2008

Welcome to's Visionary Top 5 series. 2007 has been an amazing year for gamers - some say the best ever. Will 2008 be able to match it? gazed into the crystal ball to find out what gaming's greatest minds have in store for us next year. Today they predict the biggest games and events of 2008...

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wiizy4576d ago

this article should be call a fanboys wish... cause ps3 will not do much better in 08 .. and the wii will continue to crush the competition with better games

The Brave 14576d ago

Gears of War 2 game of the year?lol,yeah right

riksweeney4576d ago

I haven't had such a great laugh in ages, clearly the article writer has no idea what they're talking about with such a wildly inaccurate prediction. Chelsea for a quadruple and Spurs to win three titles? Do me a favour!

Other than that I think the article's spot on.

TANOD4576d ago

Gears of war 2 would win against MGS4 and FF13 wont be released in 2008??????????

in terms of games all consoles would have equal shares ??????????

GT5,FF13,MGS4,KZ2,RESISTANCE 2,MOTORSTORM,LBP,WAR DEVIL ----that is the biggest and the baddest lineup in CONSOLE HISTORY

GEARS OF WAR 2--game of the year??????????????????

what a joke?

cloud360-7th_account4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

PS3 Era 2008: Score Board

Copy this for yourself

I dont care if i annoy anyone doing this. Am just going to keep a score board. Lets see if the PS3 meets it expectations this Year

ash_divine4576d ago

why would we care if a 360 fanboy kept tabs on the ps3?
you're either interested in getting one or worried about your console aren't you?

vloeistof4576d ago

@ dream the ps3 is already doing better with no (games)

Noodlecup4576d ago

with a weak multiplayer and no story at all, what makes them think 2 will be so great? oh yeh I remember:



wageslave4576d ago

Gears has a "weak multiplayer"? Huh? Tell that to the hundreds of thousands that play it daily that keep it one of the most popular LIVE titles.

The story was "weak"? Nonsense. The story is terrific, and, plenty long enough to be a good value.

Instead of running off at the mouth -- and contradicting the industry'
s press (which showered it with GotY awards) -- perhaps you should PLAY THE GAME.

Clearly, you have not.

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The story is too old to be commented.