NiGHTS to stand by Wii

Speaking to German site, Iizuka said that while it may not have started out life as a Wii game, developing Journey of Dreams for Nintendo's machine had been the right choice and that any future NiGHTS games would appear on the Wii.

"When we decided to finally make a sequel to NiGHTS, we didn't know which console it would be for," he recalled. "We only decided later on that we would develop the game for the Wii. But I think it was a good choice – should we make another instalment, we would make it for the Wii."

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unsunghero284580d ago

If NiGHTS Wii wasn't a dreary disappointment I'm sure Wii owners would have something to get excited about. The only problem is that, even if NiGHTS 2 was a GOTY contender, SEGA probably needs to face the fact that the Wii audience isn't hardcore or retro enough to appreciate a NiGHTS remake anyway.

jack who4580d ago

i wouldnt pay 20$ for this game

iamtehpwn4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Journey of Dreams was a huge disappointment to me, a big fan of the original Saturn NiGHTS. First off, the game play is slightly different with the Birds and the keys. It simply wasn't as fun. But, it is tolerable--unlike some other things.

However, the only thing that made the game unplayable to me was the absolutely dreadful cutscenes. HORRIBLE voice acting, The Animation for was blocky for the cut scenes, it was unbearable looking at them. And I know it's Wii, but the graphics on Will and Helen were absolutely PS1 quality.

We've seen Mario Galaxy, We know the Wii is capable of stuff like Fur shading, normal mapping, beautiful lighting and other things. For the rival a Cult classic, you just want more bang for your buck.

KidMakeshift4580d ago

Why did they have to make it so "kiddy?"

I lost interest after a hour, sorry

I'd still like to try the original because it doesn't have the children levels nor infinite amounts of ugly and boring cutscenes

iamtehpwn4580d ago

do try the original. It's a great game. Just avoid journey of dreams.

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