Hybrid Hi-Def Drives to Dominate PCs?

The format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD might be raging-prepare for another round of chest-thumping and professional wrestling-style calldowns once CES gets started in Las Vegas-but market analysis firm ABI Research is trying to look beyond the immediate battle and see where the technologies might end up in a few years. One forecast: by 2012, universal drives capable of reading both high-definition formats will account for about two-thirds of a $2 billion market by 2012.

"Few universal drives are sold today," said principal analyst Steve Wilson, in a statement, "partly because of their higher price. But those prices will fall to about the same as Blu-ray players by 2009, and we forecast universal player sales to exceed Blu-ray the following year."

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unsunghero284034d ago

I'll never have to buy a 360 or its goofy HD-DVD attachment!

(Just kidding, MS guys. Just kidding. Don't hurt me.)

whoelse4034d ago

Ofcource if Warner were to help the matter, then this would never happen and we could name our champion.

jack who4034d ago

my pc already plays boo ray n hd dvd movies with no need 4 a Drive so i win.

wageslave4033d ago

The best part of this?

Xbox 360 is a Windows Media Center Extender. Whatever drives you have in your PC (BR or HDDVD) can play movies over your network to the entertainment center's Television.

*THAT* is why WMC is one of the most important elements of the Battle for the Living Room and why PS3 isnt remotely as capable in this capactiy.

TheTwelve4033d ago

I highly doubt that this will happen even in America, but it'll certainly not happen anywhere else in the world where Blu-Ray dominates. Hence, I believe that this is just a pipe-dream.----12

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