Microsoft (and Sony) Falling Behind?

Zeldainformer explores the rumor of the next Xbox being a "no show" at E3 2012. Could this leave the Wii U with over a year lead in the console wars?

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mantisimo3973d ago

From a game site called "" ? Yeah.

PSVITAlitysensor3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Yeah I don't think MS will fall behind, but with all the losses Sony has to face they might be the next SEGA... or they will be handheld only

Jobesy3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

What about Nintendo's losses. They've been bleeding for quite some time. If somebody were to go handheld only it would probably be Nintendo.

@highlife below, no they are actually not all doing fine. MS game division and Sony game divisions are the only ones making profits right now, while Nintendo has been posting losses for some time now. However, with 3DS sales doing very well, they might start turning a profit from software sales, but they are still losing money on every 3DS sold.

Highlife3973d ago

You people are crazy! All three are doing just fine.

Blader233973d ago


Sony ending up like SEGA? you are just crazy man...
SEGA was only depending on their console, that's were they made all the money from.

Sony hasn't only got consoles and games that makes game, their budget is higher from other electronics they produce and sell.. they can fund the playstation as much as they want, win or lose.

tiffac0083973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Sony's TV division is the one losing money not the Playstation division.

There is a reason they put the Playstation division with the rest of the consumer electronic division and that's to cover the loses of the other divisions with the revenue of the Playstation division.

So Sony going out like Sega, is only a haters wet dream. lol!


I believe Ninty has stated they will return to profitability this year because the 3DS in itself is profitable now.

What I've learned this generation is never count out anyone from the Big 3.

sikbeta3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )


Handheld will disappear in a couple of years, that would be the more stupid move ever! don't know about the other things you said :P


What everyone thinks MS will put a tablet-like-I-pad-controller in the next xbox? what's the add-on that is selling like crazy right now? it's a tablet for consoles?, no! it's kinect, so it's pretty much obvious that kinext2 will be delivered with every Xbox3 console!

Kurt Russell3973d ago


Sega was highly dependant on their console yes, but not solely. They also create and produce the hardware to their arcade machines... one of which I still own :D - not enough to stop them having to give up though, sad times :(

Highlife3973d ago

@jobesy actually jobesy they are doing fine. Yes they are not making as much as they did in the past but with the money they made off the wii they are fine for awhile and now that the 3ds is picking up steam they are more then fine. I think everyone just likes the whole doom and gloom sh!t!

Hope all consoles do well. I enjoy games. How about you!

SilentNegotiator3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

A troll named "PSVitalitySensor" thinks Sony will "be the next SEGA"?

Deary me.

What's next? "RROD-BOX-3-FIXME" thinking Microsoft is "d0000000med!"?

PSVITAlitysensor3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

LOL look at you guys getting all sensitive over this issue like little wusses!!!!!!!!111ONE

Consoles are doomed, not handhelds. But Sony seems to be failing with even with PSVita... They just can't keep up with the kind of support 3DS is getting due to all their losses from the past few years.

N4G = Pure entertainment. Sony must be ashamed of u guys cuz ur such butthurt fanboys who don't have the balls to accept stone cold hard facts, like Sony's 3rd position overall.

xursz3972d ago

So you made an account on here solely to troll SONY? That's amusing.

tiffac0083972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Stone cold hard facts?...

Forgive me but your post history doesn't really give you any type of credibility for that to be believable and now we ended up with name calling after being proven wrong? My goodness...

Stop spinning the truth to what only benefits you please.

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Patriots_Pride3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

History will reapeat its self and the Wii U will sell millions.

MS - We ARE not announcing any new console at E3

Sony - We have a ten year plan

Nintendo : )$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Edit: @below - Gee have'nt I heard that same quote b4....oh yeah the Wii will fail, its just a fad, Nintendo is doom.

Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. Nintendo will force M$ and $ony to release the PS4 and 720 much quicker than they want to.

KonaBro3973d ago

History has just shown us in the last generation that the top dog for two generations went to third. Please don't act as if Nintendo will keep that top spot because the Wii U will not sell numbers like the Wii and you can quote me on that. Keep being a shill though.

specialguest3973d ago

Then again, which console haven't sold millions? lol

Outside_ofthe_Box3973d ago

Well if you want too look at history...

Nintendo was last with regards to the big three last generation...

Sony was first last generation...

Nintendo is first this generation...

Sony is last this generation...

If history repeat itself Sony would be first next gen and Nintendo will be last next gen. Make sense right?

No it doesn't. There is no telling what could happen next gen. Nobody expected Ninentdo to dominate this gen, but everyone expected Sony to dominate. Well what do we have here? People are expecting the Nintendo dominate next gen similarly how everyone expected Sony to dominate this gen. As HISTORY has shown, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Rageanitus3972d ago

It seems that alot of n4gers can predict the exact future....

It's like predicting the exact minute during the day when I will take my next dump

3972d ago
SilentNegotiator3972d ago

"Wii U will sell millions"

What hasn't, other than like, that Nokia Taco phone or whatever?

Nintendo's history shows that they're quite capable of screwing up. Virtual boy, Gamecube, N64 had them fall behind the competition....
People must be incredibly short sighted if they think Nintendo can't make mistakes.

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Titanz3973d ago

Nintendo planned it right, and it'll definitely benefit them launching the Wii U a year earlier than the competition.

itz_zombies3973d ago

so the wiiu is the xbox360 of next-gen

sikbeta3973d ago

it doesn't have the online structure and community to even be remotely compared :P N played right with the wii and wii-mote, this gen exploded with online gaming, MS got it, even Sony got it, Nintendo, we don't know yet :D

PygmelionHunter3972d ago

Haha no way, Nintendo consoles are actually well built.

Mikefizzled3973d ago

Nintendo also forget that both PS4 and Xbox 3 will be better than Wii U when they finally arrive.

KonaBro3973d ago

of devs who have kits? PS4 and Xbox 3 are going to destroy Wii U in tech and don't forget that with the Wii U releasing at the price it's rumored to be ($350-400) Nintendo has to show consumers why they should start the next generation with them and the fiasco at E3 last year isn't doing them any favors.

Patriots_Pride3973d ago

LMFAO @KOnabro - Since when are rumors relaible.

I do not think Sony are ignorant enough to make the same mistake twice and release a $500-600 console - MS also learned from Sonys mistake and will not be releasing a beefed up console. It might be better than the WiiU but not by much and you can take that to the bank.

Wintersun6163973d ago


It won't take a $500-600 dollar console to be more powerful than Wii U. If Sony or MS would release a console with similar power they would still be cheaper than Wii U. Why? Because blu-ray drives don't cost that much anymore, neither does CELL (if Sony decides to keep it for the PS4). On the other hand, Wii U has a pretty expensive controller. So unless the PS4 and Nextbox are much, much more powerful than Wii U, they probably won't be that much more expensive.

Rageanitus3972d ago

Lol I thought console only gamers don't care about graphics yet when comparing to pc gaming they are quick on the defence

The truth is gamers do want both graphics and gameplay

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GribbleGrunger3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

this is just a tad rich in my opinion. perhaps it's better left unsaid because once said it will inevitably catch the eye of a passing 360 owner or PS3 owner, such as myself. i hope the WiiU does well, i really do, but 'falling behind?' when you are referring to a tech that has not been released yet and is already 5 years late to this gen, how else are we supposed to respond?

come on now, enjoy the prospect of finally getting HD content on a Nintendo machine, but please don't go fishing like this

mike1up3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

The author never mentions tech.

It's not a question of whether MS and Sony's tech is behind. This article is about giving a company like Nintendo over a year head start before even mentioning your console!

GribbleGrunger3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

if the WiiU is to be successful then it will be because of it's unique controller as it was before. if the article read: 'could Nintendos fresh approach to gaming leave PS3 and 360 behind' then i wouldn't take such a dim view. the title and the assumption that they have released the first next gen console is misleading because their machine isn't next gen, it's current gen with a new kind of controller.

'No other competing consoles were revealed at 2011 E3, so it looked like the Wii U would have a nice head start releasing late 2012. With Nintendo grinning about the lack of another next-gen console being announced'

get out of here. 5 years late to this gen and claiming you are the first!? come on now

hellztourguide4203972d ago will succeed because they have the best selling first party software...everyone wants a little Mario and Zelda. Especially if they bring back old forgotton favorites along with Smash brothers...all Nintendo does is print money.

360GamerFG3973d ago

Here's the thing, people need to realise that the gaming business is a business like any other. The main goal is maximum profit with minimum expense. Xbox 360 has recently (2011) recouped ALL its launch and RROD losses and has become a profitable venture for Microsoft.
It only makes business sense that microsoft would want to keep the 360 going for as long as they can and not launch another console just as the 360 is becoming a major source of profit.
SONY on the other hand have not YET recouped the 4 billion they lost launching the ps3 and are still far from it, why would they want more expenses by launching a new console now?

mike1up3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Okay... it's a business.

This article has nothing to do with finance! It is about the Wii U having a potentially huge head start over it's competitors.

Jihaad_cpt3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Financial gamer Sony have more than enough Assets to absorb their financial losses for one year. They are to big to fail.

LX-General-Kaos3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Giving Nintendo one year alone on the market with a next generation console is a massive mistake by rival console makers. Which completely allows Nintendo to stretch its legs out with install base and rest its feet on the table with unrivaled next gen exclusives. Giving the Nintendo supporters and anxious gamers worldwide a chance to grow accustom to the new style of gaming Nintendo is bringing to the frontline.

If the Nintendo Wii U is as powerful as EPIC games staff members are making it out to be, rival console makers may pay dearly for allowing Nintendo to get a one year head start. Especially if the online setup is anywhere close to the industry standards or above xbox live. Being alone on the market with next gen tech, superior online, and an arsenal of Nintendo exclusives is very dangerous. A winning formula for Nintendo.

E3 2012 will paint a very clear picture if Nintendo will have an early shot of complete dominance this year. If the rumors are true of rivals not showing any next gen tech this year, Nintendo has a wide open oppertunity to take next generation by storm. Just as the Nintendo 3DS did with launching and living a full year with no competition.

After getting a glimpse of what the innovative new Nintendo Wii U controller is capable of. It is absolutely necessary that rivals come out with a similar controller of their own as standard. Or face chances of missed oppertunity and or tradgic loss.

From the looks of it all so far, 2012 will be an outstanding year to be a Nintendo gamer. With the Nintendo Wii U launch, and the Nintendo 3DS hitting its stride. It looks like Nintendo may be headed toward a repeat supreme victory.

Rated E For Everyone

DaPrintz3973d ago

That's absurd. There's no evidence of graphical prowess over ps3 or xbox and even less evidence of a competent online component. Nintendo will never topple xbox live, never. Hell I like psn but even I don't deny that Live is better. Until we see "better" versions of multiplat games on WiiU, I would suggest calming down

cyclonus0073972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Nintendo's gamble with the WiiU is depending on it having the same specs as whatever system Sony and Nintendo come out with next. If doesn't matter that the WiiU may be more powerful than the PS3 or 360 if it doesn't have developer support from the beginning. Devs want to make games that can be easily ported for all platforms, something Sony learned this gen. No one wants to spend the time and resources making a game that will take advantage of a particular system's advantages unless they are making an exclusive. Multiplatform games will be made to conform to today's specs meaning WiiU games will mostly be made to look and perform exactly like PS3 and 360 games.

And that isn't the only reason why Nintendo is at a disadvantage with the WiiU:

* Price point would have to be on par with 360 and PS3 to be competitive now. That's no more than $300 for a system with a tablet controller. Unless Nintendo plans to sell it at a huge loss. Plus, I'll bet Microsoft and Sony drop price just before the WiiU launch.

* Tech is only relevant until Sony and Microsoft release new systems and blow it out of the water. Can we expect a more powerful WiiU2 in three years?

* Nintendo's online infrastructure is untested and is going up against Xbox Live and PSN that have been robust for years.

* Third party support (which Nintendo neglected this gen) is something they now need. Much of the new games that are coming out now are sequels to current gen franchises that weren't on Wii. Will those properties do well on WiiU?

I don't think it will be a disaster for Nintendo but they have a long road ahead of them.

LX-General-Kaos3972d ago

That was a very nice response. I guess all we can do now is let time reveal all. Hopefully we will have more answers to all of our questions and speculation come this E3 2012. Have a nice day good sir and +bubbles.

Rated E For Everyone

morkendo233972d ago

maybe sony and MS waiting to see the out come of nintendo tablet controller, also. they might have tablet controllers also with ps4, 720 who knows for sure (you know they got to copy nintendo) but i'll bet thats why neither console (sony,ms) will not launch til financial reports come in from wii-U sales.