Anime Courtyard | Review: Modern Combat Domination (PS3)

Mario writes "Last year Gameloft decided they wanted a piece of the cake and joined the wave of companies releasing FPS games. They did a little game called Modern Combat: Domination, or as i like to call it, the poor man Modern Warfare."

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Doomguard3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Modern Combat Domination certainly is fun for a couple of hours, however it certainly IS NOT a poor mans Call of Duty, the game is clearly based on Counter Strike, hence why it does not have a campaign mode, and uses money to buy weapons each respawn. I am disgusted by the fact that everyone uses Modern Warfare as an argument for Modern Combat, as if they only see the whats on the surface instead of the gameplay mechanics that drive the game. Not a single mention of Counter Strike in that review, instead it's just MW and BF over and over, get your facts straight and do some research. And what's with the crappy grammar and typos? I is spelled with a capital i, and the host HAS not HAVE!