Most Wanted Games 2008

Hurrah! A new year begins, and brings with it a load of new games to look forward to. After last year's glorious bounty it's tempting to believe that the best of this generation is behind us, but the Wii has just got going, the PS3 is only now beginning to shine, and the 360 still has plenty of power at its disposal. Meanwhile, a second wave of DirectX 10 games should give those new PC CPUs and GPUs a decent workout. With all this in mind, here's a quick preview of what to expect. The games listed here are a selection of potential highlights for 2008, but in this business nothing is certain. We'll be back to look at some other biggies and a few dark horses in the coming weeks.

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unsunghero284032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

No Brawl?

No LittleBigPlanet?


Uh-huh, sure. Sorry, but LBP's footage is the most exciting I've seen in any video game, ever.

power of Green 4032d ago

One of those games you listed is nothing but hype and only the hardcore using the game as a tool pay it any attention.

ash_divine4032d ago

what are the odds that you probably talking about sony-related one. Seriously dude, what do you have against them.

gunnerforlife4032d ago

lol LBP lmao this list is sh1t loool

shmee4032d ago

FF13,MGS4 and KZ2 are the biggest games of 2008

Counter_ACT4032d ago

How many of these "Most wanted games" stories are there going to be? :/

mintaro4032d ago

why is there an absence of little big planet on most of these 'most wanted' lists.

fopums4032d ago

people keep forgetting about it, its releaseing next to or near MGS4 which everyone knows is going to rock, and KZ2 which is what the fence sitters see as SONY's Halo and are wondering if its going to be good this time. LBP is pretty much an unexplored concept and even if creating is fun its going to be a chore to create somthing that actualy stands out in the community.

I think it will be great though, I probably wont spend time making my own levels, I'll just play the ones other people make.

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The story is too old to be commented.