Madden 13’s cover vote: a phenomenon born in 20 minutes


How busted brackets and a dalliance with a spreadsheet created the most successful fan-engagement platform in ESPN’s history.

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brettyd2408d ago

A career destroyed in 20 minutes.

Les-Grossman2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

What happens if Denver gets Manning & then trades Tebow ? It is all but a sure thing that Tebow will get traded. If they get Manning

Mike_Tha_Hero2408d ago

Denver isn't trading their future away for a guy who's on his way out.

dktxx22408d ago

Tebow isn't their future. I mean it's pretty obvious most everyone in the Broncos organization would rather get a more prototypical QB.

Rainstorm812407d ago

Obviously you dont know jack about the NFL......

And the sad thing is if the Broncos dont get Manning they may still draft Ryan Tannehill.

The entire Tebow hype was created by the fans and the media.

And an old Peyton Manning is far far far far better than the young Tim Tebow