New Releases for January 08

Blast works Build Fuse & Destroy-Wii
Bran Challenge-DS
Brothers In Arms: Road to hill 30-Wii
Bully Scholarship edition-360
Burnout Paradise-PS3,360
Cabela's Monster Bass-360,Wii
Classic British Motor Racing-Wii
CSI: Hard Evidence-Wii
CSI: Miami Night-DS
Culdcept Sage-360
Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel-PS2
Dark Sector-PS3,360
Endless Ocean-Wii

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ngg123454038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

For the worst month of gaming. Burnout Paradise is teh only game worth getting this month.

Korosuke4038d ago

Burnout is on the list. It's enough to me.

socomnick4038d ago

I got my eye on dark sector and bully :) It will be a decent month.

BrianC62344037d ago

That list is confusing. It says releases for Jan. 8th. It lists Burnout Paradise. That game comes out late January. Is the list for January 8th or all of January?

Korosuke4038d ago

hmmm, bully is coming jan, no SS or movies yet.
and where is DMC4, I think it comes Jan 31.

Thursday4038d ago

It's set for release on February 5. Next month will be great, since at the end of the month, Condemned 2: Bloodshot is released. I'll be getting those two for sure, considering getting Unchartered as well.

Right now I'm playing Wild Arms and Guitar Hero III though, so I do keep myself busy.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4037d ago

you should definitely pick up Uncharted.

GCO Gamer4038d ago

i can wait for burnout myself its be going to be fun

MK_Red4038d ago

Finally, Burnout is coming out. The game that I was anticipating the most for 2007 but got delayed.

Happy New year :)

SonyDefenseForce4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

cause you know it's are YEAR xbots hahahahaha this is the year us SONY HEROES will catch up and close the 8 Million Console GAP even though it's widening every Year and not getting smaller and unfornately were are being out sold 3:1 in every Country INCLUDING are Home Country that is Japan :(

GCO Gamer4038d ago

I can agree with that one but you may have a good points I just got my 3 ps3 this week and i'm love every moment of it

TheHater4038d ago

dude, what the hell are talking about? are you on drugs or something?

Thursday4038d ago

First of all, we have to be clear about what a "gap" actually is. It is a space between two things, right? And since the PS3, as well as the Xbox 360, naturally, started out at 0, your statements are actually false.

Lets say, for argues sake, that the PS3 hadn't sold a single console since release. The total sales figures for the Xbox 360 is currently 15.69 M, according to VG Chartz. Then, the gap would be that exact number, 15.69 M. Since release however, the PS3 has sold 8.41 M consoles, thus reducing the gap by that very amount. What this means is that with a one year head start, the Xbox 360 is in the lead by 7.28 M consoles. That is the current gap.

Also, I cannot seem to find statistics that back up your claim regarding hardware sales in Japan. The numbers seem to indicate that the reverse is true, that the PS3 sells about three times as much in Japan as the Xbox 360. Clarify this, please.

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The story is too old to be commented.