Windows Media Player Speeds Loading In World Of Warcraft

Earnest Cavalli of Wired writes:
"Claims are coming in from all over the 'net that running Windows Media Player in the background while playing World of Warcraft shortens load times.

This phenomena was originally reported on WoW's European forums back in November, but the quirk recently jumped the pond and reports of players benefiting from this oddity are now appearing on the American forums as well."

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BlackCountryBob4037d ago

Weird, but would it work by running flip4mac in the background when playing on a Mac machine? I wonder.

gta_cb4037d ago

seems strange.... i would think it would make it slower because its another application running hmmm... i might have to try this when i next log onto wow :p

drewdrakes4037d ago

It shortens load times, that wouldnt really be affected that much by applications running in the background. WOW must use components that WMP uses as well. If thats true then some WOW components would be pre-loaded making it load faster.

gta_cb4037d ago

yeah i understand that, ohwell it doesnt take long to load for me anyway lol.