Canon said to be developing it's own SED TV's

After being hampered by habitual delays both legal and technical, it looks like the long-awaited über-tech of the display world may finally be on the cusp of reaching market, as Canon is reportedly developing a way to build surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) TVs without using contentious IP.

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Diselage4037d ago

I'm really hope SED stops having their copyright issues and gets released. It would be nice to have something other than LCD and Plasma at a lesser price, perhaps OLED will do it but SED would be great as well.

PlayStation3604037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I think it may be some time until Sony releases a good size/decent priced OLED. I'm definitely getting one, but until that time, I'm looking forward to Canon's SED.

@ Nick:
SED's get a contrast Ratio of 100,000:1 (not a small feat), however Sony's OLED contrast is 1,000,000:1. And it is said SED's have a 20 milliseconds response time. While OLED's have a response time of 0.01ms or less. SED Tv's are amazing, but OLED's are just friggin' crazy :P

socomnick4037d ago

isn't sed superior to oled ? I know oled is thinner but isnt the picture quality vastly superior on sed.

mintaro4037d ago

damn gonna be a while before i can afford either

OOG FunK4037d ago

AH SED!!!! why do you tease me.....I hope this finally gets produced....from the demonstrations ive seen these tvs are like looking into a window to the outside world..........~~~!>!>~! ~>!> lol

Anyway yea these tvs would be perfect for gaming.