Ripten: Burnout Paradise Demo Impression

Ripten writes:

"When Burnout: Paradise first hit my radar I was cautiously optimistic. Burnout is one of the few racing series that I still care about and I figured Paradise was going to be nothing more than a reincarnation of Burnout: Revenge because, well, it's EA. Boy, did Criterion prove me wrong. This is them at their finest - taking risks, innovating, and shutting people up".

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no_more_heroes4566d ago

I can finally say that after a year and a half of wanting to say that. I love the crashes and the sense of speed. Oh, by the way, that game attach rate is no joke because I now have 6 games for my 360, the two for free and one as a gift for christmas. I bought three but I was holding back because I don't want to go crazy. It could damn well be 10 right now.

MaximusPrime4566d ago

I have been playing Burnout Demo (on PS3 ;) ) almost everyday!

I have been trying to beat my flat spin score. currently 313 degrees. I'm trying to reach 400 degrees. lol.

This demo will keep me playing until the full game releases. Can't wait.

Mikey_Gee4565d ago

Bring on BURNOUT ,,,

This game is AWSOME !! Even the NON-Race fans will love this game. Sandbox approach with killer multiplayer to boot.

mboojigga4565d ago

I enjoyed the demo so far(360) but right now will wait until release. I am concerned alot of features that made Burnout so fun are missing or changed up. Plus it feels more like Need for Speed Most Wanted with crashes vs Burnout in a Need 4 Speed open world.

Shankle4565d ago

To me it feels like Burnout in a GTA open world. It's also lovingly crafted with an almost flawless design. I've long held the belief that the core thing that makes GTA fun is the driving. It's fun just to drive around the city. Criterion took this idea and blended it beautifully with their explosive style. They then went ever further with a very clear idea that the game should be fun at all times, eliminating menus and ensuring the player could always do what they wanted to do in their own way. It's this that makes it a revolutionary game.

A HiFi4565d ago

I'm looking forward to it...cautiously...

But anyways, submitted a piece similar to this a couple of weeks and it was rejected for being 'Old News'...lovely...