Microsoft Taking Care Of It's Gold Members After Last Weeks Live Outage

The Bitbag writes, "I got some info from my Microsoft contact after questioning whether or not Gold Members will get thrown a bone for all the downtime they had to sit through. While nothing has been officially announced, they have stated, '…we will definitely be doing something for our Gold members that weren't able to get online over the last week.'"

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rofldings4039d ago

Even Microsoft saying there's an outage won't make you believe there's an outage?

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BloodySinner4039d ago

Comment reported as offensive. That's a very disgusting image.

caffman4039d ago

I'm right up there with you normally but there was outages. None of our 3 accounts count log on

i Shank u4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

he knows there was an outage; he was being sarcastic. something you missed in your rush to rebutt his comment.

rofldings4038d ago

Really? Last I heard he was blaming everything on "PS3 fanboys" and their "agenda" against Microsoft

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Boink4039d ago

they had better.

I think a free month for all gold members is the least they could do.

even though it hasn't affected me, I'll take a free month:)

gta_cb4038d ago

i have had problems over the last week, and lets say they give us 1000 microsoft points, or a months free, do i have to report that i have had problems?

nevelo074039d ago

i hope so cause i was pissed off last night i couldnt get into anygames

socomnick4039d ago

you got a 360 why talk crap about it all the time.

cow moolester4039d ago

I may be intoxucated righy now but i wuv MICRosoft ...mmmmmmmm yra ....oooooo....becuz when the sun shine we shin togethe told u Id be her forever saod id always be ur friend took an oth ima stick it out till the end......WOOOOOP RIHANNA! I wuv TANOd....nd the mart...and zhuk....see wy cant we al just hug ? If sony and Mcrosof just huggwd then tanod and zhuk woulf be playin togethre rihgt now :)

Mikey_Gee4039d ago

dude ... you are soooo drunk.


GITPWNED4038d ago

LMFAO. you sound like me lastnight.

xsteinbachx4038d ago

i was the guy who passed out while taking a dump.