Blu-Ray gets its first Bollywood movie."Saawariya" comes ashore on March 11th,2008

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that they will bring 'Saawariya' to Blu-ray on March 11th, day-and-date with the DVD release. It will be presented in 2.40 1080p and in its original Hindi soundtrack. The only extra announced for the release so far is a "Making of the Music" TV special.

In the tradition of international co-productions like "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", this film is the highly anticipated first release by Sony Pictures of the traditional and widely popular Indian "Bollywood" genre. Sanjay Leela Bhansali's epic romance "Saawariya" (Beloved) is a tender and romantic musical which centres around the chance encounter of two people Raj and Sakina and their obsession with each other over four successive nights. "Saawariya" is a contemporary story about the immortal emotion - love, with the unmistakable imprint of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film will have unprecendented wide releases in major countries outside of India.


SAAWARIYA's soundtracks here :-


eg INSIDE MAN contained the title song "CHAIYYA CHAIYYA" copied directly from DIL SE

MOULIN ROUGE copied "CHAMMA CHAMMA" directly from Bollywood Movie "CHINA GATE"

Bollywood also has a bigger global audience of 3.6 billion vs 2.5 billion for Hollywood.

Bollywood star SHAHRUKH KHAN overtook Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise to become the most recognizable entertainment icon in cinema history last year(2007). An estimated 3.2 billion people recognizes SRK.He dwarves the popularity of any celebrity of any world of any era.,,1837317,00.html

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Nicosia4041d ago

Awsome! Still have to see this movie though. I hope they do ''Company'', a hindi gangster flick for blu-ray...i love that movie to death.

TANOD4041d ago

I loved that movie too.

However nothing is as good as DEVDAS

I hope they bring OM SHANTI OM too --- a super movie

Nicosia4041d ago

Devdas had excilent direction, just sometimes the scenes where too overdramatic. Same goes with sanja's ''Black'', Rani was awsome but just tad overdid it. But i'm hyped about this movie, seeing it on Blu-ray... wonder what the quality is like :)

if you liked ''Company'' look out for ''Satya''...that movie was uber awsomness!

socomnick4041d ago

-----------------EPIC--------- ----------

shmee4041d ago

Thats a tamil movie


It is an awesome movie

Richdad4041d ago

Comon this is movie is years biggest flop this year. I had to loose 130 bucks for the movie and I slept for most of time during the show and now Bluray form of the movie No way man! not to mention that it will be costly too.

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baxter4041d ago

thats an amazing movie

It is a super comedy

baxter4041d ago

why did u report the story as Spam?

this is the first Blu ray Bollywood movie. It should be celebrated

TANOD4041d ago

Round peg and Tns are the accounts of a same XBOT (power of green )

They have multiple accounts to spam N4G

supermandead6664041d ago

Because both round peg and Tns are racist a$$hole.

TnS4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

baxter: because this is a gaming site and not a movie site.

TANOD: are not you bored calling me XBOT or accusing me that I'm the The Round Peg? I'm certainly not against Sony or PS3. (See my news here: - a lot of positive PS3/Sony .) But I think movie releases are not gaming news. I would also report HD DVD movie release as spam.

supermandead666: well said, man.

HarryEtTubMan4040d ago

PS3 has Blu Ray dude. PS3 games are made on Blu Ray. It sohuld be on this site... it is heavily involved with the PS3.

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IGNFTW4041d ago


Boink4041d ago

cause it's junk, we don't need the news section filled up with every single freaking movie that comes out on blu ray, hddvd, or on the marketplace.

it's a freaking waste, but way to keep approving this stuff you dumb fanboys...

(and that goes for both camps, i'm not singling anyone out here)

Boink4041d ago

so you think it's ok that HDDVD news gets approved as well?

it's all a waste of space.

and judging from your bubbles, it looks like nobody needs you anywhere.

The mothership is calling, time to head for your home:

Fezthebest4041d ago

because its the first bollywood movie to go blu-ray, and this could start something small/large.

On a second note, who watched this movie, i did and i love the story and everything, but a freaking song every like 3 minutes is stupid

Boink4041d ago

so the first time any company releases their first movie on a new format it should be news?

it's lame, get over it.

if a particular studio goes to one side or the other. then I would consider that news(although as a gamer, it means crap to me)but it does matter to some gamers.

but a single release is not news, and that goes for hddvd, bluray, XBL marketplace, dvd or anything else.

disney launching on XBL marketplace, news. pirates of the carribean on the marketplace, not news. even though I think it got approved here, but there is just too much news space being wasted on this stuff.

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