Super Mario Galaxy at 80 MPH

Kotaku: "You'd think with modern vehicles, especially the ones pre-loaded with built-in entertainment systems, it would be easy to play modern video games on the go. Unfortunately, I haven't been so lucky.

While planning our driving trip from Colorado to Georgia I just assumed it would be simple to plug a PS3, 360 or Wii into the van's ceiling-mounted DVD player. But when I tried the 360 and PS3 both just freaked out when I tried plugging them in to the heavy duty inverter I picked up for the van's back seat power outlet. The 360 nearly gave me a heart attack by flashing angry red rings at me and the PS3 just sat there, quietly refusing to power up at all. Dejected I plugged the Wii in and it popped to life immediately".

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unsunghero284035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I would never stick my glossy PS3 or Wii in a moving car, no way no how. The 360 I could see... no offense xbox fans, but its casing is more toylike and therefore less scratchable... but my consoles have enough scratches as is.

Speaking of which, has anyone observed the PS3 with a flashlight even after dusting it off a couple times? It seriously breaks my heart to see such a pretty console scratched up, and apparently the PS3 is easy to scratch up.

The PS3 and 360 need a lot of power, no question about that. The Wii not so much. But the 40GB PS3 has considerably better power efficiency than its larger hard drive cousins... it would be interesting to see whether that worked.

FamilyGuy4035d ago

It's strange that the only picture shown is of the VC game being played and anyone could be playing the original donkey kong and pretending they're playing it on the wii.

He said his inverter was "heavy duty" but i doubt it, the other consoles obviously didn't work because his inverter was too weak, so heavy duty it was not...

How many watts are the ps3 and 360 sucking anyway?

ShinFuYux4034d ago

I thought the cops stopped the dude or something, but, that was a worthless read.