David Jaffe praises Uncharted and its gameplay mechanics

Hear what David had to say on Uncharted .

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TANOD4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

The gRAPHICS are the best we have ever seen except CRYSIS

The GAMEPLAY and especially the AI is very lifelike

@the person below

Uncharted beats Crysis in every department except the FOLIAGE . Uncharted's water has more poly than that of Crysis. The aliens at the end contain more poly than entire scene in Crsysis

The only place where Uncharted gets beaten is the FLOIAGE.

UNCHARTED has the best looking water ---GAMESRADAR


I am not saying anything illogical. Uncharted looks much better than Crysis except when it comes to foliage

I have a quad core PC with 8800gtx and i am using 56" LED samsung.

My setup is as good as anything out there.

On an HD TV at 720p Uncharted murders anything. The ZOMBIES in chapter 18/19 are 100% lifelike . On the other hand characters in Crysis look like cartoons

The ingame footage of Crysis is NOWHERE NEAR THE FAKE TECH DEMOS shown by CRYTEK

Blademask4037d ago

Uncharted does have the best graphics next to Crysis.


Uncharted is NO WHERE NEAR Crysis, which makes the achievement by the Crysis team that much more impressive.

MaximusPrime4037d ago

I have Uncharted and it is one of the best games on PS3. It really shows the power of PS3. Xbox 360 cannot handle this game.

ps: why are you always using capital letters when naming games and genre etc etc. it can be a little annoying.

Blademask4037d ago

Anyone that Thinks Uncharted just falls short with Foliage is 1. Retarded or 2. Hasn't played the game on a good rig.

Uncharted is mind blowingly amazing. Its the best looking console game out right now. But its nothing close to Crysis. The only place where Uncharted trumps Crysis is the number of animations per characters.

However I think the PS3 can pull off Crysis or get very close to it. If it is developed fully utilizing the broadband proc. Its very powerful hardware that can STREAM a game like Uncharted. Which is amazing in its own. Uncharted is the best looking console game out in the first 11 months of PS3 development, and the devs haven't even truely utilized the cell... things are just going to get a hell of a lot bigger and brighter with time.

PS3 devs are limited by knowledge, Uncharted is one case that shows developmental issues do not reside with the hardware.

Marceles4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

but you have to be crazy to think a game looks better than Crysis. Crysis on the highest settings looks unbelievable. Even Heavenly Sword can contend with Uncharted's graphics, but Crysis has absolutely no equal...maybe later, but Uncharted definitely hasn't taken the graphics crown from Crysis.


MaximusPrime4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )


Phatjabba4037d ago

I'm about 60% through the game and have just got through the part about Drake thinking he is being watched in the jungle. Now you've given the ending away-thanks buddy.

Anyways, I have to agree that Uncharted is the best looking console game I have ever played (miles ahead on unreal tournament III). I thought Ratchet was good but this game is so much fun. It's one of those games that you never want to end.

mark094037d ago

Yup, exactly what I was thinking, he could have at least gave a spoiler alert.. what a dumbass. I was thinking of getting the game soon but now i wont have as much satisfaction of finishing it so i might hold off till a year from now, by then i might forget what he said.

THC CELL4036d ago

This tells u Crysis can be done on a ps3

Cynical-Gamerzus4035d ago

The only thing that would be a compromise would be the limited VRAM
on the PS3 to have Crysis turn out well on the PS3!
The Graphics edge has always been towards systems that featured more RAM!more ram more details more resolution more data.
Im sure as soon as SSD drives become super fast in a couple more years and PS3 releases a firmware to support this the games should be amazing eclipsing the Current Memory bloated PC video cards..Yet that would mean games that specifically need an ssd drive would be specific or come with one??hmmm??

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TANOD4037d ago

I am playing COD4 at the moment but after playing Uncharted COD4 to me looks like ****

even UT3 doesnt look good to me anymore

I wish i had never purchased Uncharted

shmee4037d ago

Uncharted is cursed just like the Spanish pirates in the story

testerg354037d ago

I finally bought this for my son and it has great graphics, but not much is happening on the screen. I still think GOW is slightly better.

nasim4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

UT3 has better graphics than Gears.

But UT3 is just crap graphically compared to Uncharted. Only an XBOT would ever compare Uncharted with any x360 game


do you have consoles ?


cuz you pay 50$ per year for an OVERPRICED dvd player --x360

bought wifi ...bought a useless HD DVD

I have all the consoles including wii,ps3 and x360

my wii and x360 are chipped and i dont play ONLINE with wii/x360

my PSN id is nasimkhan_007

WHy wouldnt i get anything since i bought my PS3 for 400$ (40 gig) unlike the overpriced eliete which costs 450$ and has no HD DVD ,no wifi and useless ONLINE

ofcourse no x360 model even supports HDMI 1.3 ---what a shame.

do u even have a ps3...i think x360 might have caused you 1000s in repairs

testerg354037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Do you have both consoles? No? PS3 cost broke your piggy bank? Then stfu.. since I have both, I can make a better comparison than you. I have RFOM, Motorstorm, HS, and Uncharted. So I do buy PS3 games. This household has a 2 DC, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, GC, Wii, 3 DS, 2 Xbox, 2 360s. So don't tell me anything about xbot.

Oh yeah.. have a happy new year!

Apocwhen4037d ago

nasim/shmee/TANOD is at it again. replying and commenting on his own comments. must have serious mental problems.

Yes Uncharted is a great game. Finished it the other day and was one of the most enjoyable games I played in a long time. But nothing touches Crysis on max settings. Frankly I don't really care, at the end of the day a game is supposed to be enjoyed and that's what Uncharted accomplished for me.

TANOD4037d ago

2 fake accounts of Bloodmask.

You 2 are very famous Xbots in our forum and you dont even own a PS3.

GOW better than Uncharted ----is that a poor joke or something

GOW doesnt even look as good as UT3 not to even mention Uncharted

Uncharted is the best looking game ---Game Trailers

Uncharted has the most realistic water ---Gamesradar

Apocwhen4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

lol, 5 disagrees from all of nasims accounts for saying how great I think Uncharted is. You give us PS3 users such a bad name and face on this site. I hope the admins have a new years resolution to ban your IP from this site as it is people like you and your fake accounts that drag this site in the mud.

supnub54036d ago

ur goin straight to my ignore list.

Cynical-Gamerzus4035d ago

COD 4 Although high in post effects and Polygons,The fact it is low res(upscaled)up close is blurry rough and
very last gen (480P-ish)looking.
THis really disturbed me since I play my games up close to my HDTV set,to be drawn into the environment in my recliner.
Same goes for Halo3 Low res! as well.
Uncharted is a lush rich HD world that if longer, would have been the game of the year!Its close however.

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Jason 360_Niglet4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Great game on a crap console

Uncharted is the only game which has jumped out at me and said AAA. Nothing else catches my eye. Just stating my opinion.

solar4037d ago

now come on. i know your smarter than that. dont make yourself look like an idiot. whats so "crap" about it in your mind?

shmee4037d ago

and this is why it is the least selling console WORLDWIDE

and it is 100% defective and very low powered compared to PS3

m91058264037d ago

You just couldn't keep it to yourself, could you?

hotshot1274037d ago


does that even make sense.

GAMES make a console and the CONSOLE is the reason for the game.

if there wasnt a ps3, then there wouldnt be a uncharted you idiot

MaximusPrime4037d ago

Bioshock is a great game on a crap console.

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Elginer4037d ago

It's if anything a fantastic console, just one that has not hit it's stride yet. I'm sure in a year it will finally have the games it needs to take off. Hopefully Sony has some good games in store for gamers that we don't know about.

Meus Renaissance4037d ago

I'd give Uncharted a 9.0

Nothing more, nothing less.

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