Video Game Console Stolen at Gunpoint

"A York City man was robbed at gunpoint of a portable video game console and a video game on Christmas Eve.

Zachary Mann of Pennsylvania Avenue told police he was robbed of a PlayStation Portable video game player at 10:23 p.m. at the corner of North West Street and Madison Avenue, according to York City Police.

Police said an unknown man pointed a gun at Mann, and also robbed him of a memory stick and a video game before fleeing," reports The York Dispatch.

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freakyzeeky4039d ago

It's always seems to be Sony systems that get robbed or stolen...

ironwolf4039d ago

almost as drakonian as those in the EU.

Skynetone4039d ago

somehow they didnt believe me when i told them there ps3 with 25 games was stolen at gunpoint

name4039d ago

Psp's get stolen all the time. I take my ish with me on the train, but thats just because I'm superman and aren't scared of anything.

mintaro4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

at gunpoint? for a game? call me crazy but shouldnt people be robbing for money or out of nessessity? not for games

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