Xbox 360 The DRM Blues

Deeko writes:

"For those not in the know, DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management" and it's a way for Microsoft to insure that the different transactions you make through Xbox Live marketplace remain your property. In idea, it's a fantastic concept, but in practice it is anything but. MS is screwing customers with it."

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athlon7704037d ago

I have not been able to access any of the content stored on my hard drive since Friday. Since I sold my original 360 to my son to purchase a Elite, I used a friends transfer cable to move everything from the 20gig to the 120gig of the Elite and it didn't cross my mind that there would be any issues like this. I mean, come on, it is content stored localy on the system. This explains alot! Oh well, what can you do.

Luckily I have my PS3 to keep me entertained until Microsoft fixes their junk.

gnothe14037d ago

hey man nobody cares if YOU choose not buy another xbox or MS product. all their trying to do is make sure your not trying to use the same content on 2 different xboxs. an if you dont understand that then tough 5hit!! an as far as the hardware problem goes, when was the last time you even heard about the RROD, its been a while but you guys just wont let it go!!

Elginer4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

He knows what DRM is for dammit, his argument is that DRM is flawed and in such a way that in case your unit breaks on you your screwed. In fact he makes the point of saying that DRM is a good idea, but in the end it will bite consumers in the @ss. He's not a PS3 fanboy. The man has 80 arcade games - He just wants to play them offline. So it's not that at all, DRM sucks and it's all bullcrap, yet MS doesn't care.

ukilnme4037d ago

Nobody has to care if I buy another MS product. For the record I only own one Elite and have purchased no DLC. The way that the problems are handled right now just plain suck. Too [email protected] bad that your feelings were hurt by my post. I can't stand fanboys.

Nameless4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

What happens when you send in your system for repairs & Microsoft sends you back a different System eh gnothe ? This DRM thing sucks & everyone knows it & this thread is not even about PROD. DRM is a completely different issue.

gnothe14037d ago

i was replying to ukilnme, but what happens when you send in your xbox for repairs, well... you keep you HDD for one once you get the replacement system you put on the HDD an if any game dont work just call 4my xbox an they either transfer the rights to the replacement system like i did or they give you MS points to rebuy everything because they have a record of the system you sent them an the system they sent you. this guy from the article couldnt prove that he didnt have the OLD system anymore so as far as their concerned he's trying to play the same content on 2 differnt xboxs, thats why their being a d!ck about it.

Mikey_Gee4037d ago

Your HD stays in YOUR hand even if you send your machine in. This stuff is attached to your profile much like a WOW or STEAM account as well.

bizi64984037d ago

I thought xbots were used to getting screwed by now?
It still hurts sometimes when they forget the lub?
Sorry to hear that, I guess we get what we pay for.
Sony (the official drm evil) turns out very mellow on that subject.
Who would've thought? Free online, no hassle... the way it should be.

People who trash-talk about lag on PSN while XBL is bogged down have a good sense of humor and real reasons to be jealous. Warhawk servers are packed with 32 players and it feels like playing local. I just played UT3, I guess 360 owners will have to wait a little more to discover what a real FPS is.

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