Microsoft: We're Investigating the Recon Armor Hack

Kotaku reports: "Skyluss, a member of pro-gaming Team vBi, reported over the weekend that his Xbox Live account has been hacked... again. Apparently the hacker was a little envious of the Recon Armor Bungie had bestowed upon Skyluss and decided to take it for a spin him or herself.

I emailed XBL Director Larry Hyrb to see if Skyluss high-profile account problems are being investigated, as the gamer was told after receiving a whole lot of run around and not a lot of answers. Hyrb told me that their security team has indeed launched an investigation and that he has been in touch with the gamer personally".

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fopums4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

well this is the first time I've even heard of the recon armor, but serious kudos to bungie for actualy rewarding the super elite players.

I mean the ninja gaiden helmet and sword just dint seem that "leet" anymore because so many people I saw had the same get up.

hope insomniac take's a hint for Resistance 2....

edit: LOL death by a dropped weapon? thats good, thanks for the info! bubbl+ now Im off to youtube xD

ambientFLIER4039d ago

I think that armor is being handed out for other stuff than just people that are super good. Anything that gets a lot of attention and/or is hilarious, like suicide by traffic cone, suicide by own sniper bullet ricocheting off a wall, or death by dropped weapon gave those players the armor too.

Hatchetforce4038d ago

Skyluss was given the armor after he posted a film of him shooting himself with his own sniper rifle. The round actually richocheted back and killed him.

xsteinbachx4039d ago

Good for XBL. *thumbs up*

joeyisback25854039d ago

i was on ghost recon advance war fighter 2 and these 3 people hacked my account i called xbox live they wouldnt help me because they change my account information and i didnt know the new info and the people wouldnt help so how do you contact XBL Director Larry Hyrb?

gamesR4fun4039d ago

admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it...