EB and Gamestop now taking reservations for MGS4, June 17th Release Date writes:

"As of today, EB Games and Gamestop are taking reservations for one of PlayStation 3's most anticipated titles, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots.

For only $5 USD, gamers can ensure that a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 is awaiting them on release day. According to Gamestop, the release date is set for June 17th, 2008. No word however on a Limited Edition or Collectors Edition of the game."

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UnblessedSoul4034d ago

I wish they wouldn't even put early 08 in their trailers, cause that just pisses me off even more now

TANOD4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

SONY domination starts in 2008 .

we all know that

BUT i have a feeling MGS4 would be launched in MARCH,2008

mikeslemonade4034d ago

The game is basically finished. Just listen to the Kojima Productions podcast and he tells that Kojima is like playtesting it like crazy and they're talking about a worldwide simultanious release and whichever territory gets the language finish will get the game released first.

lawman11084034d ago

The developer already put out a release the game is on hold until the end of 2008 and that means early 2009.

Hatchetforce4034d ago

Sorry lawman but once again you are dead wrong.

No such release has been issued. I really hate punks like you that make up items out of simple jealousy. Go hang yourself.

Omegasyde4034d ago

uh lawman,

MGS4 is done.

MGO a.k.a. metal gear online is the game being worked on. IMHO opinion MGO looks like crud.

But yea I bet April 2008 but 2009. Whats next gears of war next month? Nice try troll.

PopEmUp4033d ago

are you 3 years old, it's seem you to love Birdie and cookie monster and you probably hope the game will be on x-box 360 for you to enjoy

Mainman4033d ago

MGS4 is getting tweaked, it is in the final stage of development. According to the Kojima Productions podcast.

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Mr_Kuwabara4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I'm sticking with March regardless of EB games date (There usually wrong anyways)

Darkiewonder4034d ago

Going with after the Fiscal Year for them ;3

Right now it's more of a guessing game until they give a solid release date.

xsteinbachx4034d ago

ya if you look at EB games the rock band bundle is apparently coming out "01/02/08" even though people already have it.. i just don't really trust their release dates.

sonarus4034d ago

nah am going with june i WANT it in june GTA and other games can hold me off till then. hopefully kz2 and home comeout before then. As long as its june and not pushed back any further i will be quite happy. I really dnt see myself leaving my hse as soon as i get mgs4 in there for at least a week. First i have to finish the game twice then bug out about it online then buy strategy guide to look for what i missed then call up all my friends to start up MGO. Very magical week for me. Whenever it drops i'm happy its more important for sony to sread their games around so i have tripple A game to play every month. Kinda like what xbox did in 07

Nicosia4034d ago

Bring it on! time to take some days off :)

eagle214034d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4: Gun's of the Patriots...nuff said..

TANOD4034d ago


FF13 --game of this era

MGS4--2nd best game of this era

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