Calling It: The Xbox 360 Won 2007

Kotaku writes: Like Babe Ruth, I'm raising my controller in the air, calling the shot. (Granted, Babe Ruth called the homerun before it happened, but let's not sweat the details). I'm going to go on record and say what we're all thinking, but way too afraid to admit.

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Mr Marbles4035d ago

Very true, I wonder why so many media outlets are afraid to say it?

boodybandit4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )


mikeslemonade4035d ago

The 360 gamer won if there 360 didn't RRoD a few times, but MS gaming division is struggling because they lost a stronghold on a few 1st party studios, the RRod hasn't been fixed, they failed to increase demand in Japan and in Europe, and they lost there install base lead to a 1 year old console. The gamer won because the MS was willing to spend the money to get games on the console. Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Viva Piniata etc. would never find their existence in xbox until MS payed the big bucks.

dantesparda4034d ago

This is just Kotaku's opinion. But consumers all over the world chose DS and Wii over the 360. And by a large factor at that.

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Dudeson424035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

That if you look at the amount of good/great games that came out this year for both the PS3 and 360, neither console really "lost". They both had good years at the very least. I bought more games for 360 just because they were the kind that I like, but not because the PS3's lineup was poor by any means. I think that in reality though, if you look at strictly sales numbers, the Wii dominated both by a large margin. However, if you're looking at games that gamers love to play, to say that any console "lost" is pretty d*mn stupid.

CeruleanSky4035d ago

Let's just sum up 2007 for the 360:

* Has almost nothing to show at E3 - Halo 3 looks amazingly bad

* Has nothing to show at GDC

* Peter Moore gets fired

* 1.1 billion dollars just to repair existing 360s for just the RRoD defect

* Class action lawsuit over RRoD failures

* Class action lawsuit over disc scratching drives

* Two years on the market and still no solution to the hardware failures

* Bioware turns their back on Microsoft for EA and multiplatform development

* Bizarre turns their back on Microsoft for Activision and multiplatform development

* Bungie gets tired of dealing with Microsoft and forces them to let them become independent and develop for multiple consoles

* After six years in the console market, in 2007 Microsoft's entire first party developer array consists of just Rare and Lionhead

* Halo 3 turns out to be a graphical basketcase with just 640p resolution, screen tearing problems, and an engine that most people say doesn't look noticeably better than last gen's Halo 2

* Forza 2 is met with howls of outrage after outright lies with their bogus screenshots for the game when the actual embarrassingly bad in game graphics are finally seen

* Mass Effect turns out to be another Unreal Engine graphical disaster with too many graphical problems to list

* The 360 is completely dead in Japan with the two major 360 first party titles turning out to be duds

* The 360 is already getting passed by the PS3 in most of Europe in installed base just 9 months after getting released. The PS3 is on track for passing the 360 in overall European installed base in early 2008

* Microsoft is completely silent on any plans they have for the console in 2008

* The 360 is selling at virtually identical rate in all three major console regions as the first Xbox marketplace failure

Yeah, great year Microsoft.

mboojigga4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

What is so funny is you put so much in a post about a cnsole you don't care for. Pretty da*n sad. You clearly didn't read link. What is also funny is that all those issues it had yet it sold more consoles than the PS3 and software compared to the Wii and PS3 combined. But that is all you fanboys will be able to fall on is RROD blah blah blah. Not every has been affected by this but this has been stated and I don't get what the hell bringing up about the Billion dollar fix is supposed to cause issues with consumers. Apparently consumers are understanding an issue was with the 360's that are being fixed and they have stepped up to take care of customers. So what else do you have to repeat over and over and over. 2008 shows it won't be any different. The 360 is here to stay and did just what it planned to do and will continue to do as we see going into 2008.

Boink4035d ago

all that bad stuff according to you anyway, and they still beat the ps3...

CeruleanSky4035d ago

"all that bad stuff according to you anyway, and they still beat the ps3..."

Silly fanboy, even dopey sites like that constantly inflate 360 sales numbers for hardware and software has the PS3 outselling the 360 by a wide margin in 2007.

Be thankful Microsoft is still willing to waste billions so US Halo fanboys have something to play...

lawman11084035d ago

NEVER seem to inflate the PS3's numbers. Not one game in the top 20 from the PS3 and please if ANY system that could have North America's sales numbers THAT would be all you would need (America calls states what Europe calls a country so please) Funny how the RROD never even slowed the 360 down (I know I had it 2 times and I still bought a second 360 an Elite no less)So many people bought 360's this Christmas each with a free Live trial it almost crashed the system. So Hate on the 360 all you want, we know your really just angry at Sony for Making a Blue Ray player that plays half a$$ed games. Boo-Hoo

ambientFLIER4035d ago

Haha, that's pretty sad that with all those negatives that you posted the PS3 got owned this holiday season and in 2007 as a whole by the xbox. I guess sony must be even worse. Heck, I'm sure I can write a two-page long essay on how sony screwed up so far. Lair anyone?

Xbox is the BEST4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

know what's funny, in July when the news was filled with RROD and Sony had their price cut VG charts was posting every week that PS#3 was outselling 360 50K to 30K each week the Sonyfanboys were saying it's over. But when NPD came out it put everything into perspective. Now another price cut just in time for the holidays and sales are spiking, again Sonyfanboys claiming that PS#3 won when it reality is 8 million plus behind the 360. January NPD will put everything into perspective again.

Remeber back in them days when PS brand was king, them days are over.
360 FTW

tomfoolery4035d ago

Sonypunk dumbsh1t loser!

DeejayTai4034d ago

Don't forget Bill Gates himself jumped ship. Even HE knew when to get the hell out!

GITPWNED4034d ago

LMFAO. And 360 STILL won by a mile. Nice job owning yourself, and the PoS3.

i Shank u4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

wow after that post, do you feel better? did you win the argument with yourself? what a loser post and waste of space

here, ill even be nice and help you out: the 360 had the largest and best games selection (review scores, averages, also my personal opinion) when compared to other games systems in 2007. is comprehension that hard?

RRoD, and any of that crap you posted about developers and what not has nothing to do with "what the best games console of 2007" was. that was a pathetic attempt to make the 360 look bad; and why would you want to waste your time doing that anyways?

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HarryEtTubMan4034d ago

I already did... it wasnand it wasnt that great

power of Green 4035d ago

What about them?. They seem like major PS3 fanboys unless theres no way to twist the issue.

littletad4035d ago

What about them? If anything I've been reading their blogs for quite some time now and they aren't afraid to bash, praise, or even criticize a system regardless of fanboyism. But if you really want a "better" more professional site (at least in my opinion) you can jump over to joystiq.