6 Reasons "Lego Batman 2" Might be the Best Lego Game Yet (Hint: “Infamous” Suit)

GameXplain: "Although GDC has come and gone, we are only now able to write about our impressions of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Although the 45-minute demo was limited to eyes-on only, it gave us a pretty good idea of how the game plays, and how the developers are planning to take this now-famous game series to new heights."

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Eternalb2442d ago

This actually sounds pretty cool, but I've liked most of the Lego games so.

JoshBatman2442d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to it. Big Batman fan, and I've never played a Lego game I didn't like...well, I wasn't a huge fan of Lego Indy, but that's not the point.

2442d ago
newsguy2442d ago

as in the infamous game?

parasit32442d ago

These Lego games... I think should be more like Minecraft.