Japanese Marketplace to get Sonic and Fusion Frenzy 2 demos

The Land of the Rising Yen were the only ones to get a demo today (well, Japan and anyone who has a Japanese account) and things are looking up for the rest of the week, as well. According to this Japanese list, they've got a Sonic demo tomorrow and a Fuzion Frenzy 2 demo on Friday.

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PS360PCROCKS5848d ago

I swear to god if the sonic demo is only for japan I'll be pissed...I love sonic games and this game looks like so much fun

omansteveo5848d ago

Dude create a Japanese profile like i did you can download all there stuff i played the Tenchu demo lastnight and downloaded the Sylpheed trailer

PS360PCROCKS5848d ago

I did and theirs no demos

DC RID3R5848d ago

also chjeck out the KARAS video!!! SIK!!!!

omansteveo5848d ago

The Tenchu Demo is there ive been playind it