Game TM review scores: Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City got a bad score

Check out the latest review scores from the latest issue of Game TM. The publication has reviewed Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, SSX, Mass Effect 3, Journey, Tekken 3D, Unit 13, Lumines Vita and many more.

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hardcore19122406d ago

Not really surprised. The game never caught my attention. Let's hope Capcom learned their lesson and stop outsourcing their games to western dev.

Captain Qwark 92406d ago

i thought it looked pretty good myself, the concept at least is very solid. unfortunately they chose a shitty developer. idk why someone would choose a dev that screws up an existing franchise. if they cant make a game where the groundwork is already laid down, why would you think they can do an original game any better?????

Redempteur2405d ago

The concept is crap

"kill leon ?" what for ? We know it won't happen .. and why would i want to kill one of the best character in the franchise ?

AT the start the concept is flawed..

ThanatosDMC2405d ago

Well, it doesn't help the fact that all gameplay videos and interviews they showed are full of glitches and flawed mechanics.

LOGICWINS2406d ago

Did you guys miss the bit where this publication allowed SSX to get a 5? I wouldn't call a publication that allows something like that to happen "credible". ORC looks like crap from all the vids I've seen(waiting on RE6), so I don't expect good reviews...but giving SSX a 5 is criminal IMO. That suggests that the ORC review should be called into question as well.

Yi-Long2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

... but it's a shame that the new SSX made some strange and weird choices which aren't really what most fans wanted. Like the survival-mode which for many is too frustrating (not fun), plus all the tricks are nailed way too easily...

It's now more of a time-trail game in the race-section, as opposed to SSX3 where you were really racing those other guys.

Plus, not all the slopes are made for FUN.

I does a lot of stuff right, it feels good, looks nice, but it's also a game that seems like it had a huge potential and it kinda failed to deliver that, because of some weird choices made during development.

MysticStrummer2406d ago

@Yi-Long - I disagree with pretty much everything you said. I loved the previous SSX games but this new one blows them away in my opinion. I love the Survive It events and find myself doing them more than anything else when looking for Global Events to take part in. Their implementation of multiplayer allows many more people to take part, which I think is preferable, though I can see why people who love splitscreen would miss it. With over 150 drops of different types that require different skill levels and even styles of play, most people should find a lot to have fun with no matter what style of event they like best. 5 is definitely way too low. 9 is more like it. It's all designed for fun, though some of it is very challenging, which I think is a good thing in this age of catering to the casuals.

mttrackmaster382405d ago

So just because they have a different opinion than you, their all of a sudden no longer credible? That is such a fanboyish way to look at things.

Sony3602405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

One score that you don't agree with doesn't make it not credible.

It's like all of the drooling fanboys who'll selectively call IGN "IGNorant" until their favourite game franchise gets a high score and change their tone. Kinda.

I'll admit I never heard of this publication, but a score that low has to ring alarm bells.

Captain Qwark 92405d ago

agree 100% with mystic. ssx nailed it, love that game. there is no possible way you can justify giving that game a 5.

and the survive it events are amazing, i wish there were many more. also personally i like that they upped the difficulty of the courses to the point where some of them need to be momorized to be finished. im tired of devs spoon feeding me with every games difficulty these days, i miss the days when games were hard and took real skill

geddesmond2405d ago

Mate giving SSX a 5 is very justified. I love the new SSX. You can add me on PSN if you like to see. I've won over 150 mil in global events and can score 50-60 mil on serenity. But the game has many flaws. Graphics ain't the best. Some of the tracks are hard and have too many pits you fall in ,to be called enjoyable and if I never played the older SSXs I probably would score it the same.

I think it deserves around a 7 so going by that I'd put RE at a 5. Anyway don't buy RE ORC because it will suck and you'll be disappointed. Just wait for other reviews and see

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ritsuka6662406d ago

SSX [5]
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City [3]
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare [5]

ewwwww??? score 5 for SSX??


Anyway, i wait for more reliable reviews...

JellyJelly2406d ago

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare [5]

That's just stupid.

rdgneoz32405d ago

How the hell do Syndicate and Asura's Wrath score better than SSX?

Also, its VG Arabia, so I don't think many people take them seriously...

Rayko2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Agree, go back to your roots Resident Evil. We want variety in our games. Not those boring military FPS games.

We want our enjoyment back!

DOOMZ2405d ago

Sorry to tell ya but western developers have been number one for a long time now...

Imalwaysright2405d ago

For me Demons/Dark Souls are still the best games of this generation however overall i have to agree with you.

Louis_Guzman2405d ago

Completely subjective and disregarded.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2405d ago

Maybe in graphics Doomz, but that's about it.

geddesmond2405d ago

Yeah Demon Souls and Dark Souls are 2 of the best games this gen.

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2405d ago
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CZUM2406d ago

So i guess it's a crapy game. Moneytaker, nothing else.

Raider692406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Well the first time i saw a video from this RE i was like,WTF that game is running in slowmotion (It was SP video ) the bad framerate was all over the place it looked horrible an them i new it was going to suck .A game that is MP mostly is running in SP at very low Fps just imagine how it will run online.

Raider692406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

People dont pass or neglect Binary Domain,for a new IP its a very good game in every aspect that i hope a sequel can correct the flaws it haves.Capcom its the one to blame If this RE game Bombs,i dont know if you people note this ,they put western developers making games for them but they dont give them the best tools available.The MT FRAMEWORK ENGINE its not powering this game,it did not power any game that Capcom made using western developers,like Bionic Comando,Dead Rising 2,DMC reboot,Dark Void... its strange.

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