Ripten: Top 5 Reasons To Love Xbox Live

Ripten writes:

"As we previously reported, Xbox Live has not been having a good time, what with all the disconnects and general wonkiness. Given that my beloved Live is now working again, I present to you the Top 5 Reasons to Love Xbox Live!"

1. You're Always Connected
2. Media Center
3. Marketplace
4. Friends List
5. Universal Gamertag

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Twizlex4573d ago

Ha ha ha! That article was pretty funny. I thought it was going to be some fanboy talking up how great Live is, even with all these problems, but I was pleasantly surprised.

power of Green 4573d ago

Its better when fanboys talk it down claiming XBL isn't great?.

Twizlex4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

You obviously didn't understand me or the article we're talking about. I'm glad it's not fanboy ranting, in any direction. That is all I was saying. The article says that Xbox Live is great, but none of it works right now, and that's not great. Why is this so hard for people to comprehend?

The biggest problem with n4g is that people are too quick to comment on an article without actually reading the whole thing. Go read the damn thing and then update your comments so you don't all look like idiots.

THE BIAS4573d ago

1) It has frequent lag
2) Can only handle 16 players max
3) Has unoriginal crap 1mb Arcade games
4) YOU HAVE TO PAY $50 for that privlidge
5) PSN has 40 players, no lag online + superb psn games + full games over psn, for free

and as a 6th point, Xbox Live is full of the retards of society hating on your colour, mother and your skill level. And you have to pay for that privlidge

Twizlex4573d ago

You should go read the article. It's not what you think. It's certainly not what I expected given the title and n4g's little not-very-descriptive description.

Boink4573d ago

well, at least you got your name right...

ambientFLIER4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

"1) It has frequent lag
2) Can only handle 16 players max
3) Has unoriginal crap 1mb Arcade games
4) YOU HAVE TO PAY $50 for that privlidge
5) PSN has 40 players, no lag online + superb psn games + full games over psn, for free"

1) PSN isn't immune from lag either. UT3 and COD4 come to mind.

2) That's funny, I vividly remember playing 32 player + bots on Perfect Dark on Live.

3) A lot of arcade games are highly rated, like geometry wars, worms, and bomberman live.

4) We gladly pay for all the extra features.

5) Not every game on PSN is 40 players, there is some lag, psn games aren't better than xbl arcade, it is free because there are less features.

6) If PSN was any good, you'd be playing on there right now since it never has any problems, instead of writing retarded stuff trying to play down the competition.


metallbizkit4573d ago


The only valid point you make is that you have to pay $50 for Live. My opinion on this is that you get what you pay for... you may feel otherwise and that is fine. As far as all the other crap you mentioned:

Lag? It is a P2P system, so PSN is no different... it has nothing to do with Live.

16 Players Max? You are clearly ignorant on video games. First, it just depends on the game. If any game makers want to support more players, they easily can. It comes down to balancing the game with the right amount of players. Second, being a P2P system, it just depends on the players within a match -- you would make a much better point complaining about poor broadband providers.

Unoriginal Arcade games? That is a statement of your opinion, which is clearly loaded with your fanboy BS. Some people like what is offered, some don't... OMG SOME PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES - THAT'S LIFE AT WORK!

As for the comment on the "society" of Xbox Live, I actually agree with you to that point that there are the occasional idiots as you have described. You will get this on any service (even on your PSN *GASP*) where morons like that feel OK because not much can be done against them. The good thing is that these people get complaints about them and then they are banned.

Sayai jin4573d ago

Hmmm. I for one do not mind paying $49 a year for the service. Its like $4.50 a month, less than the price of a McDonlad's combo meal. Uh, go look up Huxley, it's a MMO 50 to 60 plus battling.

I have both. There is really no comparison right now. MS has been perfecting XBL for several years. XBL allows you to chat in game wit players on your team or someone else in another gme, watching movie. I can be playing Gears of War and wen people on my friend list log onto XBL I get a notification. I can from there send a invite immediately to that friend, chat and/or instant message tem, also I can view them through Xbox live vision. While I am playing this game and talking to a friend that that is playing completly game, I can send messages (voice or text) messages to other people. I can compare games of player in my party instantly to see if I want to add tem to my friends list, I can choose to avoid or prefer this player. I can choose to choose music to listen too while gaming inline, check my active downloads, These are just a few features of XBL not including others like downloading demos, Newly released movies, tv series, older movies, music, downloading gamer themes/avatars, and more. I can download demos, movies, etc and still do other things. If I am on my PC I can check if any of my XBL buddies are on and playing and even send them messages over the web. I definately get my moneys worth.

Do not get me wrong, I think the PSN will get much better and I am looking forward to it. It's relatively new, so give it some time to get better. I will gladly pay for a better PSN experience. Although it's mot my cup of tea, Home will add a "Sim" style feel to it.

mintaro4573d ago

normally i dont go into console flamings and what not ,but dammm!!! that was pretty darn mean lol.
nice comeback ambientflier

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techie4573d ago

Way to misrepresent an article on N4g...someones not a happy bunny.

Salvadore4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

I will take everything Twix and Deep said into consideration.

Happy New Year guys

player9114573d ago

LMAO at article. Obviously this guy doesn't own a 360. I just got off LIVE and its fine, aside from MSN (who cares anyway). I just got done playing hours of Halo3 online with no problems. I also downloaded a few demos.

Sees to me this guy has connection issues with his ISP.

socsca4573d ago

Dude, ms employees posing as happy customers is sad, stop doing it.

I own an xbox and I AM having problems.

ambientFLIER4573d ago

I haven't had any problems the whole weekend. But I guess I'm an employee too, right?

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