Unhappy Xbox Live users demand compensation

XBOX360 Fanboy writes: Xbox Live is still borked (we're going on a week now) and It's getting to the point where we expect and accept the service to act unreliably wonky. But not everyone is willing to be so understanding, as a general cry of dissatisfaction is erupting all across the internets and some are demanding compensation.

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Mr_Kuwabara4576d ago

Hmm I guess the Administrators of the forums aren't very happy about there revolt.

Say no to censorship!

BrianC62344576d ago

I don't blame them for being mad. If you pay for something you should be able to do it when you want to. A lot of people have vaction time right now and want to play online. Microsoft better do something to compensate them. At least if the PS3 network has problems like this gamers didn't lose anything since online gaming is free. IF you want to charge for it you better be up. I'm not bashing Xbox Live, just saying if gamers pay for it and can't get on they should get some money back.

One good example is cable TV. If my cable goes down for a couple hours I won't demand compensation. But if it's up and down for a week and I can't really watch it I'm going to expect money taken off my bill.

Sarick4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

If someone wanted to cause MS Live disruption they'd target the peer-to-peer capabilities. Live being as complex and large would make it an easy target. Since it's mostly a unified peer-to-peer service one exploit/flaw could cripple the whole network in one or more reign.

The resulting customer backlash would be something like what we're seeing today.

IMHO, If this is the true cause of the disruption i'm sure MS would be hard pressed to announce they've been disrupted by 3rd parties.

@edit For the disagrees. Please explain why you disagree. Do you feel live is infailable given the current situation? I'd really like your honest opinion.

Shadow Man4576d ago

I try xbox live for the first time yesterday and i couldn't log on to the market place, but i was able to play halo online.

marinelife94576d ago

I'm wondering if someone is hacking the Live network? Sony sold just as many PS3's over the last two months and their service is just fine with the influx of new devices.

I don't blame them though. I would ask for compensation as well. Microsoft should refund everyone the cost of the month of December. At least give it to them in live points so MS doesn't lose much.

mikeslemonade4576d ago

And all the xbox fanboys here are defending something that is a bad thing... The free PSN has never had an issue that lasted this long.

shortax4576d ago

Yeah, that 96 cents refund will probly help fund my retirement

AdolfBinBush4576d ago

xbox forum was on fire 2 days back, real freakin riot lol.

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power of Green 4576d ago

They should turn off their 360's and wait. lol

The sky is falling the sky is falling. They better get this fixed the PS3 fanboys have been through enough with this issue its not fair for PS3 fanboys to suffer because of XBL.

Mr_Kuwabara4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Turning off the 360 doesn't fix the problem. You're paying for a service and even though it is understandable that it may fail on you, you still have to show confrontation towards the service that you pay for because if not, they'll just step on you like corporate lap dogs.

What if this keeps on happening throughout next year? Are you going to advise other fellow Live users to just turn off the 360?

That attitude of yours is going to be a big problem in your life. If you let other people step on you, they'll just going to push you around, take you for granted.

In my college, they were going to raise one credit from $160 to $175, (Effing $15 dollar diference!!) and we as students didn't want such thing so we revolted on those bastards and we won (Well they still raised it, but for $165 but you gett he idea) so it just comes to show that we "the minority" can make a difference on a company/school etc.


MADGameR4576d ago

Microsoft is going to suffer in 2008. SONY's year will begin 2008!

mesh14576d ago

SEEing how crazy sony fans are i can betany thing 90% of those complaints are sony trolls whining just fact they are really liek rabid dogs .

BrianC62344576d ago

"SEEing how crazy sony fans are i can betany thing 90% of those complaints are sony trolls whining just fact they are really liek rabid dogs"

So what you're saying then is Xbox gamers are either too dumb or too timid to stand up to Microsoft and demand compensation? If you pay for a service and can't use it you at least deserve some kind of compensation. Even if it's just some points added to your Xbox Live account.

Sarick4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Please stop using the fanboys argument to scapegoat. I'm sorry but this isn't PS3 players complaining about Live it's your fellow xbox supporters. Stop blaming everything on the competitions fans.

Your a Live subscriber defend your fellow supporters and stop blaming others for the obvious. Live isn't running correct. You should be demanding service compensation. I can understand your comment if your anti-xbox but seeing as your a fan of xbox i'm baffled.

Your in essence telling people to leave or accept these disruptions.
Support your fellow live buddies and help them get compensation.

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Real gamer 4 life4576d ago

And then there own fanboys talk about PSN, well atleast PSN never crashed on me.

Darkiewonder4576d ago

500-1000 points. but my guess is 500pts.

gta_cb4576d ago

thats cool with me :) some new stuff i wanted from Marketplace :)

AzaziL4576d ago

I demand free service, at least a few months!

molotov994576d ago

hopefully 800 points to download the new halo 3 maps, but more would be great.

gta_cb4575d ago

funny thing is i would love some free Microsoft points or something as i do want some extra content off Marketplace so your disagrees are completely SH!T haha!

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UnblessedSoul4576d ago

You get what you pay for, I guess that doesn't work no more