Street Fighter IV's Origins Interview

Have you been enjoying 1UP's Four Weeks of Street Fighter IV coverage so far? Well, they have got a few more goodies still to come. Today, they focus on Street Fighter IV's beginnings, as producer Yoshinori Ono discusses how he got involved with the project and what Capcom set out to do with it. He even discusses the new Street Fighter Movie starring Smallville's Kristin Kreuk, and gives us a bit of hope for it. A bit.

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akumous4035d ago

Now that I've seen the game in motion I would like to express my levels of disappointment. The 3D animation is underwhelming and the character models needs a lot of work to be on the same level as last gen and current gen Fighters such as DOA 4 and Tekken 5. Lack of innovation - to say that this is a SF4 title I thought I would have seen clothes putting off and damage models but yet I saw nothing but a simple iteration of the old 2d SF to 3d...Capcom, I am not interested..