The Showdown: Street Fighter IV in action... good or bad?

The Showdown continues. Each week Ars Technica picks a topic, flip a coin to see which Opposable Thumbs writer gets to argue which side, then present it to you. Today they discuss the new look and feel of Street Fighter IV. (December 31, 2007)

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Marceles4041d ago

Frank: "To my eyes, the current build of SFIV looks like nothing more than a cel-shaded Street Fighter EX"

Finally someone says what I've been thinking all along. Just rename the game Street Fighter EX4 and I'll be happy...I don't think this version should be an official 4th installment.

Skerj4041d ago

I don't see why other people don't see that, maybe they didn't play EX or something. But I haven't been happy with it especially when seeing the movement, and I am a hardcore SF fan.

PlayStation3604040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

however, the Street Fighter EX games were not made by Capcom. It was published by Capcom, but not developed. SFex was made by Arika.