A New Low: RIAA extends music piracy laws

It seems the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) manages to make themselves look more and more like a joke every year. After the huge push to sweep away music piracy some of us felt we were safe. However, according to recent sources, the RIAA has cracked down on several people claiming that the music that they copied to their hard drive using a CD Ripping program is an illegal copy of copyrighted music. What becomes even more confusing is that Microsoft, whom we would all assume is well versed in copyright laws, has included a CD Ripping software program to copy music from your CD's to the hard drive of your Xbox 360.

UPDATE: Due to information claiming that the original source is innacurate, this is a rumor. Further information claims that the lawsuit is from illegal downloading not ripping CDs. However, there is some truth to CD Ripping being illegal.

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gamesR4fun4576d ago

Damn I h8 em
Realy burning your own cd's so you can listen to em on you mp3 player or whatever is a crime....

Relin4576d ago

The music industry is scrambling to get new technology under their thumbs, and since it isn't working, they're throwing a litigation hissy-fit. It's sad.

SonyDefenseForce4576d ago

"manages to make themselves look more and more like a joke every year."

after this Quote im glad im with a good Smart company like SONY. :)

Boink4576d ago

sony is a big part of the RIAA, as well as the MPAA

Method4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Boink, you walked right into his bait.

Boink4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

my bad, I didn't realize he was making fun of fanboys

*boink stares in wonder at the egg on his face*

how did I get a disagree? LOL

have i got a stalker following me around disagreeing me now?! COOL!

That's what I call status here on N4G:)

Mr_Showtime14576d ago

as a gamer, reading a games website, i couldnt really care about the music industry and before anyone comments on why i am in this topic, i simply came to post this.


RecSpec4576d ago

Everything that needs to be said about this topic is said in the South Park episode on illegal downloading.

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