Latest PS3 Game Updates: What Are They?

Perhaps you didn't notice, but more than a few PS3 titles got recent and very unexpected updates... and some could potentially hurt the system.

-- 12/31/2007, Ben Dutka

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AceLuby4041d ago

So, in summary, you may get updates to some games, you will not know what they are doing, the author doesn't know what they are doing, and in some cases the update 'could' be causing issues w/ the system crashing. Kind of a long article to tell me nothing...

CeruleanSky4041d ago

"Kind of a long article to tell me nothing."

It does tell you that there are pathetic 360 owners out there who feel that instead of buying a system that isn't defective by design like the 360 they will sit around making up fake stories about PS3s all over the Net or searching the Net for garbage like this article.

Just think of how much healthier a place the console world be if Microsoft and its fans didn't exist.

BrianC62344041d ago

That was a waste of a minute of my life to read that. Why is this even on this site? It isn't news and it makes no real sense. The updates serve a purpose. Sony isn't releasing them or having the publisher do it just to ruin PS3s.

SWORDF1SH4040d ago

this f**kin article shouldnt of been approved. this site is gettin more retarded by the day. when i try to get a story approved that is against a certain company. i get one person that can report it about 5 times. im sorry but that gives to much power to one person. sort it out

techie4041d ago

Heavenly Sword was rumbled...they're all getting rumbled you douche bags.

carl ps34041d ago

Bill Gate$ is doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

Nasim Shmee TANOD4041d ago ShowReplies(2)
eagle214041d ago

It is excellent guys! Thanks to Sony for getting the patches out before Christmas!

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The story is too old to be commented.