The Club (Demo) Impressions from Kotaku

Kotaku's Luke Plunkett shares his impressions of the The Club demo:

"I'm having a hard time getting my head around The Club. Not because I haven't enjoyed the demo, far from it: I've had a blast. No, I've had a hard time getting my head around it because The Club takes everything you think you know about shooter games, puts them in a box and seals it shut. Then shoots it up. Then sets it on fire.

No, really. Forget everything you've learned about shooters. Forget even their most basic premise: shoot everything that moves as soon as you see it move and before it can shoot you. Forget about pausing behind cover. Forget about exploring a map. Forget fretting over health packs, forget quicksaves, forget cross-level sniping.

Because none of that matters."

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sanjay094038d ago

might have to get pal account for this does anybody know if this is a multiplat or execlusive??

nirwanda4037d ago

not sure if it's on the PC but it's defiantly 360 bound what the demo like I only have a 360 and don't have access to a PS3

Didn't like the look of it from the vids aiming looked a bit slow and the character looked like it got in the way of the camera but I'd rather tust the opinions of people that have played rather than the look of a vid.

The_Engineer4037d ago

but Im loving it, great game

picker3324037d ago

This game is actually really fun,matter of fact the best demo on psn i've played!!!

KidMakeshift4037d ago

It took me like 5 mins to make a UK account

Geez, it's definitely one of the bigger downloads (almost 2 gb), but the game looks really good and runs at 60fps without a hitch. I don't really like the control scheme, and turning is really stiff. I don't know about the lasting appeal for a game like this (it's kinda like a 3rd person Time Crisis), but I'd definitely want to check out the full version. The introduction and tutorial was nicely done (in the same fashion as "Snatch")

Skerj4037d ago

HAHA I thought I was going to see Brick Top any minute while playing that game, Gangs of London also had a "Snatch" esque intro. The game reminds me of Outtrigger on Dreamcast, I'll rent it first though to check out its longevity though.

KidMakeshift4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )


Gangs of London is The Getaway PSP game, right?

I'll have to check it out. My dreamcast needs a workout anyhow. I'm sure it's getting sick of playing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Marvel vs Capcom 2

Skerj4037d ago

Outtrigger was a 3rd person arcade shooter that was ported to DC. You pick a handful of characters and an even smaller handful of weapons and duke it out for points and other random things. Crappy quality youtube video attached. Correcto on Gangs of London too, the graphics are superior to GTA and that was about it. I hope they get their crap together for the real Getaway sequel for PS3, because they all suffer the SAME stiff gameplay.

KidMakeshift4037d ago


I like the look and setting of the Getaway games, but the gameplay is pretty bad.

I hope The Getaway 3 wasn't canned

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