Title Stripped from Pokémon Champion Who Crapped in Hotel Hallway

Two-time Pokémon champion Ruben Puig Lecegui was stripped of his his title at the United Kingdom Video Game Championship following a scandal in which he and members of his team are accused of leaving their hotel rooms to take a shit in the hall.

Nimblest-Assassin4506d ago

Looks like he is not the very best.

I mean he traveled the land searching far and wide

And had to understand each pokemon to find the power that was inside

Then he took a dump on a carpet, was that his destiny?

If you realized by now I was narrating the Pokemon theme song according to the actions he took...

Sorry for the "crappy" pun

rebirthofcaos4506d ago

come on, people its funny XD, dont worry I agree with you.

Nimblest-Assassin4506d ago

everyones a critic.... if they hated my joke they hated my joke...

its ok I can take criticism



Is his name puig or pig? serves him right for being a disgusting little bastard.


rezzah4506d ago

The thought alone of knowing when you have to go is thinking.

dark-hollow4506d ago

A wild RUBERT appears....

It uses mud bomb...


iamnsuperman4506d ago

Not really sure what possessed them to do this. There has been no occasion that me and some friends have decided to take a poo in a hallway.

MariaHelFutura4506d ago

You obviously haven't won a championship, it's basically standard.


Moncole4506d ago

I think it's good they took away his title, showing just becaus you win doesnt mean you can act like a animal. He was throwing poo.

iamnsuperman4506d ago

That shocks me even more. Taking a dump in the hallway is one thing but throwing it around is a whole, new, disgusting and very disturbing thing. It right they took the title away

jacksonmichael4506d ago

Five people have commented so far... I can't believe no one has said this yet... Hahahahaha. That's awesome.

SactoGamer4506d ago

Immature, disgusting, and shameful.

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Temtem is actually really good as a single player experience or as a co-op game. Played the shit out of it when it released


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ChasterMies167d ago

Fortunately for Nintendo, the legal team is separate from Game Freak’s development team.

NotoriousWhiz166d ago

Unfortunately for us, as their legal team seems to be more competent than Game Freak's development team.

gold_drake167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

they do tho .. IF there is something to sue for. IP infringement is such a delicate thing.

but absolutely agree on the change

GoodGuy09167d ago

That, have longer dev time, and absolutely get rid of Nintendo as the exclusive platform. Imagine a AAA pkmn game on current consoles or next generation.

But money, they'll make billions with little effort.

badz149166d ago

you know that's never gonna happen

FinalFantasyFanatic166d ago

Gamer Freak, Creatures and Nintendo all have a stake in the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo especially will never let them go, I don't know how Creatures or Game Freak feels about it. Plus, the other two don't have a financial incentive to ditch Nintendo, they make mega bucks regardless. Although I think Nintendo should help Game Freak out more since they're clearly struggling, other they'll all just have to accept longer dev times and bigger gaps between games, or maybe just make some cheaper low-tier games in-between.