Is your HDTV giving you HDTV?

By Suzanne Choney
December 31, 2007

What's not to love about HDTV? The picture is fabulous, prices are coming down dramatically and there's hundreds of sets from which to choose.

But many consumers who buy high-definition television sets are getting them home, turning them on and thinking what they're seeing on the screen is HDTV.

It's not. Chances are a new digital set, HDTV or not, offers a much-improved picture than an older, tube-based TV. But that doesn't mean the screen is displaying programming in high-definition.

Nor does buying a set that is advertised as HDTV-ready or HDTV-capable.

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killer_trap4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

the only HD content i'm enjoying is 360 and ps3 games.. i only have one blueray movie. where i'm from there are no HD channels.

Rice4579d ago

i feel sorry for those people who think there watching channels in HD on the HDTV.

gEnKiE4579d ago

Well their's not much hd programming out their.....hopefully 2008 will bring more hd programming to the masses, which im sure it will.

mintaro4579d ago

i wish i had some hd cahnnels......standard looks like garbage on my

mistertwoturbo4579d ago

and who's fault is it not to do any research about something they're buying? especially when it comes to big investments. i don't give a f*ck about the general consumer since it consists of mostly idiots and morons who buy's $700 wii bundles. all it takes is a tiny bit of research. 720p is HD enough. 1080p doesn't make much a difference on 37" and below. etc. etc.