Nintendo's real success is not the Wii

Nintendo has done extraordinarily well with its Wii game console. The Wii regularly outsells Sony (NYSE: SNE)'s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)'s Xbox 360. But, the most successful Nintendo product is the older DS which, according to The New York Times, outsold the Wii, 1.53 million units to 981,000, in November, based on sales figures compiled by NPD Group.

What makes the figure more interesting is that the Nintendo DS is three years old. The DS is compatible with older Nintendo games, but does not have the "hot" new features of current devices like HD TV playback. The success of the DS may point to a "rotation" in the video game sector, and that is a movement away from expensive and complex machines that have multiple functions, high prices, and harder to understand features.

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blynx1824040d ago

But its only because the Wii isn't available.

SonyDefenseForce4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

especially the PS3, mark my words Xbots PS3 FTW! we will fill the 8 million Console Gap next year in 2008 or 2009 0r 2010 or probably 2012 but hey who's counting?...PS3 FTW!!!!

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Blademask4040d ago

Dude.. you really are trying too hard. A second account?

hokis4ever4040d ago

I can believe that... especially the comment about the DS. Two of my friends just bought a DS mainly due to the simplicity of it. Her and her friends have little DS parties now because all you need is one game cartridge and with that, a few people can play the same game together which is pretty cool. I guess that's why it appeals to so many people. I love my PSP, but some of the features are so compliacted to use that i can see why some people may be deterred from purchasing it.

blynx1824040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Why hasn't microsoft made a portable? Being a handheld gamer now, I'd sure as hell buy the X-Rhombus or X-Trapezoid or whatever the hell they decide to name it. If they don't start now then they're finished.

mintaro4040d ago

well cuz if microsoft made a portable system they'd get owned by nintendo lol

gogators4040d ago

how much better the PSP has been doing, that MS would be able to compete. When the next generation of handhelds start to come out, then maybe. Even then it would be a very difficult battle with too high a risk to reward ratio. MS doesn't have a handle on the casual market.

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The story is too old to be commented.