Counter-Strike Online's 170,000-Player Beta Weekend

Game Watch are reporting that Counter-Strike Online, Valve and Nexon's shot at total Asian gaming domination, just enjoyed a successful three-day closed beta. Around 170,000 Korean CS players took a shot at the upcoming, heavily localised, Steam-free version of the classic FPS, which among other tweaks features some new maps and new weapons. CSO is scheduled for release in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

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i Shank u4042d ago

wouldda been nice to have a CS version included on Orange box. maybe they are planning a seperate release?

Whoooop4042d ago

Counter Strike 1.6 and Source...

BEST online gaming experience hands down. IMO of course


Method4042d ago

1.5/1.6 is easily the greatest online FPS of all time.

Source on the other hand is an absolute disaster.

xsteinbachx4042d ago

ya I've played every beta/alpha there is to be since the beginning, and owe man has it evolved, but how old is this game? the first betas came out when i was in grade 6? i was 12? holy sh*t....

time flys when pwning noobs

Zhuk4042d ago

I got bored of CS years ago, I cant believe people still play it

PopEmUp4041d ago

I bet you suck at CS and probably everybody on this site can beat the heck out of you, even letting you having all the bots supporting but you will still gets no lesser than 50 kills in one game

Noodlecup4042d ago

People play it because it requires a high amount of skill in accuracy and reflexes, something rarely present on console games due to control sticks. Counterstrike source and 1.6 are both still more popular than CoD4 and Halo 3 online and they're years and years old. People play it because it's a solid no-nonsense game without gimmicks like perks and dumb gamemodes.

xsteinbachx4042d ago

Source was easy mode for Counter Strike. no skill required.

if you want some difficulty play 1.6

TheIneffableBob4041d ago

Personally, I find 1.6 easy compared to Source. In 1.6, I can easily land headshots, while it's difficult for me to do the same in Source.

mesh14042d ago

cs source is the best fps ive ever played dont know about the original buitt hat meant to be better there no console fps better than cs end off

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