Interview: Acclaim CEO Howard Marks and Free-to-Play MMOs

For game analysts, journalists and fans, companies like Acclaim are often hard to get a handle on. Since the company's rebirth in 2005, CEO Howard Marks has set out to bring a traditionally Eastern vision of MMORPG business practices to the Western market. He's on the vanguard of a new trend in the genre, but one that eschews the traditional measures of success. People can't count box sales, Acclaim's games don't sit in Wal-Mart and there are no subscription numbers to speak off, the games are not only free to download, but free to play. Yet, despite their lack of press and sexy statistics, Acclaim and a half dozen other companies have carved out extremely profitable games that reach far more players than the average MMO people see on the shelf at GameStop.

CEO Howard Marks recently took the time to talk to WarCry Network about his company, its four games and how they've helped bring variety to the business of MMOs in North America and Europe.

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