Unreal Tournament 3: One Month On

Avid Gamer look into why Unreal Tournament 3 is supposedly dead. With worrying statistics at the helm as well as analysis upon those statistics, its a stark and harsh reality for the game.

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felman874040d ago

It's a great shooter but it just feels like a game from 2004 with spiffy visuals. How can anyone recommend this over Call of Duty 4?

Apocwhen4040d ago

Totally agree with you. Bought this game and have hardly played it online since. To me it's just like Quake 3 Arena on the PC from years back and I know that's how it's meant to be. I think I've just moved on from that and prefer the tactical online shooters now. I also found it to be quite laggy online.

Lord Cheese4040d ago

completely agree - it has a similar feel to old school multiplayer shooters like q3, which unfortunately i was never a big fan of. To me, multiplayer shooters have moved on so much (COD4, Halo 3, HL2 for example) that UT3 just seems like an old game with a new lick of paint.

Bazookajoe_834040d ago

I would count Halo series to the Unreal and quake kind of game and not COD. The reasons is mostly because of the damage system, in COD u have a more of realistic while in Halo and company u can often take a mag before u die. Another reason is that in COD u move slower and have a run option (and realistic jumps), while in both Halo, ut and quake u have a set run speed that u cant effect. Allso in Halo you can jump as there was half the gravity..

sak5004040d ago

Yep, even the gfx look almost same as a year old gears. I tried it on quad core , 8800 sli rig and wasn't that impressed. Games like BF2142, COD4, Enemy territory quake wars have raised the bar of online only games.

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Capt CHAOS4040d ago

The UT on the xbox was great fun and we played it solid for atleast a year..

Bazookajoe_834040d ago

I strongly recommend you get it on pc or ps3. Or wait for the 360 version, but you should get it =)

Strife Lives4040d ago

Next year on 360. Bt, nah. i thnk Unreal and the Unreal engine doesnt impress me. Plus,after the sheer depth and scope of games like Mass Effect ,UT 3 is pointless

Method4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

You do realize that Mass Effect runs on the Unreal Engine 3?

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The story is too old to be commented.