First BioShock Video

Feast your eyes on the very first video footage of Irrational's exceptional new game.

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HyperBear5851d ago

but im pretty sure that Bioshock is on the PS3 to. Im not being a fanboy here, but im pretty sure that it is on the PS3 and should also be in the PS3 news, unless it is a special video from Xbox 360 and PC?, just wonderin

Eternal E 8085851d ago

the video is about the 360 version and its gameplay

UrbanJabroni5851d ago

And a PS3 version has not been announced yet...meaning as of now it doesn't exist.

TheMART5851d ago

Not to diss you Hyper or anything but if you state something give facts.

And don't come with the PS magazine that said: "it's coming to PS3, trust us". With no links, no proof included. Real proof I mean. The website still says:

360 and PC

Eternal E 8085851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

end of the video it shows the sponsors and it only shows the Xbox 360's sign and PC's so who knows if its coming to the ps3 it has to be officaly anounced

NextGen24Gamer5851d ago

WOW...The water effects and the AI is amazing. I am really looking foward to this one. And I did notice at the end...PC and 360 ps3 logo...

HyperBear5851d ago

or this

when they said Bioshock coming to the PS3. But then again, this could have been just a video for the PC/360 versions of it, most likely cause they have been in development the longest and they should be shown in in-game format, unlike the PS3, which may not be in-game footage yet.

TheMART5851d ago

That's no mistake.

These are wishes, dreams, but it isn't clear thinking.

Clear thinking is that Assassins Creed would always come to 360 because it was announced on X05 already. Now that isn't dreaming.

But this is. As long as there is no proof, no announcement this is for 360/PC.

Learn to live with it or beat it

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The story is too old to be commented.