Edge Interview: Retro Studios

Metroid producer Retro Studios talks about the experience of working on one of Nintendo's prestige franchises.

Since being handed the license to make Metroid games in 2000, the Texas-based Retro Studios has quietly worked on the franchise and only rarely granted interviews. However, after the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Retro's final Metroid game (for the foreseeable future), Edge took the chance to speak with company president Michael Kelbaugh and game director Mark Pacini.

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wiizy4038d ago

that interview was too short... i wanted to know wht other projects they are working on..

blynx1824037d ago

Like that 'Metroid Dread".

ChickeyCantor4037d ago

MD was never a project ...if i recall correctly they said they arnt working on a new Metroid project