Tales of Vesperia confirmed for Xbox 360

Music composer Motoi Sakuraba has somewhat confirmed that the recently announced Tales of Vesperia game will be released on Xbox 360. This can be concluded from his blog, where he has listed all his projects in which he participated or still is participating in. In this list we find all the Tales of games, with at the bottom Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360, listed only for Xbox 360.

No official word has been given out by publisher Bandai Namco, but it is highly likely Tales of Vesperia will come to the Xbox 360, as an exclusive.

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felman874103d ago

Tales of Symphonia (GC, PS2)
Was it also for the PS2? I thought it was for Cube only.

ChaosKnight4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

The PS2 version never made it out of Japan (unless Europe got it for some reason... just not North America)

rofldings4102d ago

"No official word has been given out by publisher Bandai Namco, but it is highly likely Tales of Vesperia will come to the Xbox 360, as an exclusive."

That passes as "Confirmed for xbox 360" ?

mark094102d ago

This is a pretty stupid move by the developers since theres a huge fan base in Japan for these kinds of games... Not so much in the US. It would sell even better if it was a Playstation 3 exclusive.

Real gamer 4 life4103d ago

that good that microsoft is paying for these type of games. they needed to try and make a impact on japan. But i dont think that its going to work.

Douchebaggery4103d ago

wtf is up with this new trend of announcing a game but not saying on what platform?

Zhuk4103d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Only Xbox 360 gives Namco Bandai the platform they need to fully realize their creative and financial aspirations with Tales of Vesperia. I welcome the addition of this fantastic franchise to the Xbox 360s AAA lineup and I know that this will sell reasonably well for a JRPG on the Xbox 360 and drive sales forwards in Japan.

This title will give the Xbox 360 even more depth to its JRPG library, which is currently superior to the PS3s. In fact, I think it is safe to say that the Xbox 360s JRPG library will shape up to be on par with the PS3s at the very least, since most JRPG publishers and developers are excited to support the Xbox 360

Grassroots4103d ago

Sir, you are a delusional one. You actually think that fanbase for the 360 will appreciate a game like this seriously! JRPG don't perform great on the system compared to how they would on the PS3, it's common knowledge. Sucks that the real system to fully realize their creative dreams for Final Fantasy is the PS3 as stated by the developers. One can dream I suppose, Just like Eternal Sonata, I'm sure this will be ported over to actually sell some units.

Zhuk4103d ago

Both Eternal Sonata and Blue Dragon sold better than most JRPGs do, in fact they sold more units than 90% of PS3 games.

The market for JRPGs is strong on the Xbox 360 and will only continue to get stronger in the future

Grassroots4103d ago

I will agree that they are selling, yet they could sell a lot more if they were also on the PS3, the demographic is more suited following the history of the console. Eternal Sonata hasn't broke 200,000 yet, and it's a great game, while I guess you could call Blue Dragon a success but personally I'd expect the title to surpass 500,000 for the hype involved with the title and it's hasn't quite yet. So we will see yet personally I'd like Lost Odyssey to do good in the states but the reception isn't a high as I hoped in Japan.

hazbaz4103d ago

Tri-Ace isn't making ToV, or any Tales of game. They're the makers of Star Ocean series.

bootsielon4102d ago

These comments are nothing but Microsoft Propaganda.

MrWonderful4102d ago

eternal sonata sold so well that its also coming to the ps3 next year huh. JRPG+PS3=$$$

nasim4102d ago

what ?

eternal sonata couldnt even sell 100k in JAPAN

Blue Dragon has sold just 205k till date in JAPAN

PES PS3 has sold 300+k units

Minna golf has sold 400+k units

DW6 has sold 300+k units

Bladestorm has sold over 300 + k units

GUNDAM MUSOU has sold over 300+k units

x360 couldnt even reach 500k units sold in Japan and you talk big?

shrimpboat4102d ago

I don't no why Japanese Developers keep making these games on the Xbox 360. They don't sell. They need to hurry up and port them to the PS3 so Japanese consumers can buy them. There are only a hand full of 360 owner in Japan.

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blikz4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Definitely Zhuk 'MUST HAVE' comment in this news... HaHa! You're the man, Zhuk!

Zhuk4103d ago

@Blikz my friend thank you for your continued support, bubbles for you.

Xbox 360 enthusiasts like you and I have to stick together and help bring fair and balanced discussion and debate to the comments section of N4G, which is overrun by fandroids. Most of this site comprises of Sony fans, so I think its only fair that a few Xbox 360 fans are allowed to voice their opinions

Ashta4103d ago

I see you've left your tin foil hat at home today have you Zhuk?

Honestly I can't see why you even support the Xbox 360 as much as you do. It has done nothing but stifle the sales of countless RPG's that would be best suited for another platform.

Hell, ToS would have been better suited for the WII rather than on the freakin 360. The 360 has NO MARKET for JRPG's. None. Nadda. Zip. Zilch.

If it did then Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey would have completely overtook Japan and won them over. Let's see Namco's and others exclusive games for 360 and how they've fair in Japan and everywhere else.

Beautiful Katamari - Bombed and regarded as a failed rehash
Eternal Sonata - Bombed in US and JAPAN. PS3 version was announced due to poor sales in home region.
Blue Dragon - Bombed. Was haralded as a great JRPG but ultimately failed on its home console and fell out of the top 100 within a week.
Lost Odyssey - Sold 60k in its first week and then fell completely out of the top 100 in the second. didn't. Even. Rank.

Now, are the games themselves bad? No sir. Those games are actually QUITE awesome. However, the 360 is not and no matter how much money MS keeps pumping in to these developers because when the games without HALO in their titles are found to not be selling great anymore they'll eventually be running back to Nintendo and Sony to try and recoup all the wasted time they've lost.

candystop4102d ago

So by your logic that means that every game that doesn't sell well on ps3 should go to 360 were it will sell well! You see MS understands that Japan is a tough market to crack and if i remember correctly Sony fans like you were saying the same crap when the original xbox launched with all that xbox sucks with no exclusives and wont sell but all that changed. Why don't you stop worrying about the xbox brand since its so not worth anything to you and focus on the ps3! It's good to hear of another 360 exclusive in the works and lately it's been good news. It appears that Sony fans are taking it to a new low and trying to take things off topic everyday in fear of 360 remaining the console of choice. You guys can hate all you want but 360 will take 2008 no matter what you do.

unlimited4102d ago

It will sell poorly on the 360..everybody should know that enternal sonata is coming to the PS3..Most likely this game will come too..

tomfoolery4102d ago

They speak truths because,like you said........

Only Xbox 360 gives Namco Bandai the platform they need to fully realize their creative and financial aspirations with Tales of Vesperia.

Dead on reality.

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