Review: Shoot Many Robots gives good carnage (GamesBeat)

While yet another side-scrolling, four-player co-op shooter doesn’t exactly stretch the imagination, developer Demiurge injected enough character to give its entry in the genre a bit more bite. At least, until a few limitations and balancing issues de-fang the experience slightly.

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Tolkoto4098d ago

I do love shooting me some robots.

Nakerman4098d ago

Hearing good things about this, might check it out!

THR1LLHOUSE4098d ago

I just wish this had a more descriptive title. I mean, what do you *do* in this game?

SybaRat4098d ago

Cool! I love space-fighter sims!

idontgetit4098d ago

Beer-drinking hillbilly who hates robots? That's meee!