Gemei X900 Brings Gaming to a Whole New Level of Comfort

Via PMP Today:

You won't catch Gemei knocking off Apple products, unlike many Chinese MP4/PMP manufacturers. The United States X900 boasts a rather large 4.3 inch 480 × 272-pixel TFT screen and plays AVI, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, FLAC. The most meaningful feature, however, is the attachable game pad that looks lusciously ergonomic complete with a couple of joysticks that is operable by thumb.

It uses an ADI chip, which should be good enough for enhanced video playing experience as well as NES, SFC, the MD gaming. You can add on GPS and totally use it for directions - that is, if you're kids are not busy playing games in the backseat. Takes SD cards of up to 4GB. Also features an e-Book reader and FM tuner.

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Polluted4040d ago

Oh man. I bet the hacking community could do some cool sh!t with that thing.

Laexerias4040d ago

maybe, maybe not, i dont think it will be that popular in the hacking scene, but who knows.

TheIneffableBob4040d ago

If you want an open-source handheld gaming device, look no further than the GP2X.

BloodySinner4040d ago

Where can that be purchased?

Skerj4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

You can pick them up from PlayAsia
It was my single favorite handheld of all time until the PSP came out. The latest one has a touch screen too so :D. If it played PSP games then it'd hands down win everything, but it still has a lot of features that NEITHER has.