Eight Things Sony Needs To Do For The PS3 In 2008 To Catch Up

2007 is nearly over and a number of websites have listed their predictions for the console war in the upcoming year. MicroTechXP has taken it upon themselves to diagram what Sony needs to do in order for the Playstation 3 to "catch up" with its competition as early as 2008. These things are listed in random order. Hit the link to review.

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TANOD4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

a 9 m/9.5m consoles sold by the end of 31st december ,2007 is definitely on cards.

as for 2008 ---SONY will rule for sure

THE GOD OF ALL GAMES ---FF13 will be unleashed in 2008 along with MGS 4.

KZ2 shunned the skeptics which doubted its graphical fidelity . KZ2 would also shun the skeptics that doubts it gameplay too

RESISTANCE 2,WARDEVIL and MOTORSTORM 2 are all coming your way in 2008.


keep dreaming BUT dont forget to witness the FF13 and MGS4 onslaughts this year

BTW do watch out for GT5's record breaking spree in EUROPE especially in 2008

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ScentlessApprentice74042d ago

You are the perfect example why people need to stay in school, and stay off of drugs.

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WAR_MACHINE774042d ago

Lawman calling TANOD a tool, lol, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is. I believe you are a little confused about when christmas comes. Christmas happens at the end of the year not spring. So read the link and keep in mind that 2nd quarter is spring.

motorstorm 2 was also announced when sony bought the studio.

I couldn't find the link but insomniac already said resistance 2 was in alpha and the title was recently copyrighted. Insomniac has kept a 1 game a year pace for 6-7 years now, so there is little reason to believe they would break trend at this point.

ScentlessApprentice74042d ago

If Sony would have never entered the gaming market, the videogame industry would be A LOT smaller than it is right now, which in turn means that Microsoft would have never seen any financial incentive in entering the console market, which means that all those xbox games like Halo that all you xbots enjoy would not even exist.

Deny it all you want but it is a FACT that Sony and the Playstation brand expanded the industry to where it is today.

Torch4042d ago

Enough already.

Your ongoing lowlife, condescending, ignorant attitude towards the universe in general strongly compels me to draw the conclusion that you are nothing more than an arrogant, camera-happy cancer who does nothing more than spread anger and hate amongst the world.

The simple fact that you continue to exist and blatantly bash innocent bystanders here on N4G, massively shatters the minuscule remainder of my already-withering faith in the rapidly diminishing integrity of this once-great website.

Do us all a favour and hit the Prozac...or better yet, a brick wall at eighty miles an hour.

I encourage you to reciprocate to your heart's content with your detailed rebuttal, which I'm certain will be filled with nothing but the same ol' usual anger, profanities, condescensions, an massive delusions of grandeur, which I'm willing to bet you find no less than beneficial to the young, ripe minds of the younger audience members of this website.

Go ahead. Because I'll be promptly joining the approximate hundred members who have chosen to ignore your sorry, pitiful ass.

Strange thing is, I could swear that I already did so long ago.

Good riddance, ignoramus.

nix4041d ago


add me up: nixxerman.

PopEmUp4041d ago

not this looser again, can't people just try and stop this cunt spilling sh1t out of his mouth since all this time he's eating sh1t and still lovin it

doodle4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

wow u have created a counterfeit account to bash TANOD

Please everyone report him and his comments

aba4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

We've had many stories like this about all three consoles. I read em, consider the points they make and move on. Look at the comments on here and the source page and you'll see instant damage control. Sad.

Spinitus4041d ago

damn Tanod must've rubbed you the wrong way to have created an account in his behave. u sir are a LOSER.

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HarryEtTubMan4042d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

LOL people are so short sighted... the PS3 will do better in 2008 but it doesnt HAVE to ctach up in 2008... there are MANY years after that.

I do know one thing... if u have a Playstation 3 in the years 2008 and 2009... you are gonna have a sh!tload of fun. No one even talks abut the 2 Rockstar Exclusives... gonna be HUGEEEE

"There is nothing to worry about because in the end PS3 owners will get the last laugh."

Best quote ever. And its so freaking true. I know it is. So does Sony. And Microsft haha.

Rice4042d ago

I think sony need's to advertise more, especially with upcoming games, such as LBP, Killzone 2 and MGS4...

pharmd4041d ago

im with ya bro, i love my system, got it the first day it came out, i have no complaints, i do wish they would advertise more, thats my only suggestion. they have the ultimate system and so much to offer they just have to show it to people....

bubbles up my friend!!!

UrbanJabroni4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

This article may be the single most grammaticaly incorrect piece of writing ever created. There may be some great points in there, although I will never know, as I gave up since poor writing tends to reflect poorly on one's opinion.

" Now, a game like Lair, that was a great game at E3 2007, when it was released it looked great (except for the occasional framerate drop), the controls felt like they where just thrown in there so you can maneuver your dragon with SixAxis (although some people got into the controls after a while, most did not)..."

Nothing brings credibility to an article quicker than ridiculously poor grammar...nothing.

Merovee4042d ago

You new here? If not, you should be used to it by now, lol :D

InMyOpinion4042d ago

Another blog post. I'm outta here...

zafeiriou4041d ago

"Nothing brings credibility to an article quicker than ridiculously poor grammar...nothing."


name4042d ago

People need to stop acting like they're experts on everything. Sony knows what they're doing.

BloodySinner4042d ago

If they did, there wouldn't have been a "price drop" from the initial $600.

lmao2474042d ago

they had the original price of 600$ because the system is easily worth that, and they figured they would include it all in one package. I mean you could go the xbox or wii route give a shell system and make you pay for all the accessories such as wireless connectivity, an hd-dvd drive.

Perkel4041d ago

@ Bloody Sinner

Price drops are normal in electronic world smartass. They've cut production cost for a 100$ and now they dropped price It's simple :)

MS also cut prices ;) Are they losing ? No...

Sez 4041d ago

yeah 360 drop the price. but they didn't drop the price twice in it's first year out.(which in gaming history is unheard of)or give away with HDTV's just to move units. something sonyfanboys should think about before they start talking about how the ps3 is catching up with the 360.

playinitcool4041d ago

um, could that have been due to 360 not having any competition in its 1st year? where as the ps3 had 2 other cheaper alternatives?

AceLuby4041d ago

Don't pretend for a second that M$ didn't do everything in its power to sell 360's too. There was a deal when Halo 3 came out at best buy that basically gave you a 360 & Halo 3 w/ the purchase of an HDTV. Also, blu ray lenses are expensive. You probably don't remember this, but when I bought my launch PS2 I spent over $400 on it and that was 7 years ago. The reason I could justify it was the inclusion of a DVD player (which weren't exactly cheap at the time). The reason I can justify my PS3 purchase is being able to watch beautiful 1080p movies as well as beautiful games. Once they get the cost of the blu lenses down the PS3's price will fall dramatically, same thing that happened w/ the PS2. Personally, I wonder how the 360 is so expesive since it's components are not that much more expensive than the original xbox.

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