Things in Video Games that Would Never Happen in Real Life

Here are ten observations of video game quirks that are really nothing at all like real life.

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Mr_Kuwabara4041d ago

Correction on #2, Solid Snake/Naked Snake (aka Big Boss) don't kill people by falling on top of them. You can knock them out unconsious though.

rofldings4040d ago

"Real life tank turrets don't rotate in stages. Battlefield 2 tanks must do this all the time because of the commander having to swing his mouse in one direction over and over."

Wow, he could just turn up the sensitivity on the mouse...

KingPenguin4040d ago

My post had previously included Solid Snake as jumping on people to kill them, but I forgot that it just knocked people out, he's not being totally random.

GCO Gamer4041d ago

"Real life people wait until they're near the end of a clip before they reload"


xsteinbachx4040d ago

haha i laughed also at this because i do it all the time.

picker3324040d ago

Well yes if you have iron boots or if it is a fat guy jumping on a small guy.
And it depend's where you jump,i mean if you jump on someone's head then you can kill them or they get knocked cold,Hint hint...Lol

Peace Out!

ShadoWulf4040d ago

Double Jumps are also out of the question.