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Jeremy Jastrzab, 31 Dec 2007:

"Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is certainly a bold step for the franchise, though it's where the game doesn't make the bold step that it falls apart. The additions such as randomized dungeons and synthesizing are good, the links to previous games is good for fans and it is a game with its own character. That, and playing through with each of the six characters and hunting all the Xbox 360 achievements could take as much as 100 hours. However, as a single-player action RPG, it's really only passable in the grand scheme of things. Unless you've got some friends for co-op action, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom will likely leave you wanting."

The Score:

• Graphics: 6.0 -- While there is a nice coat of paint and a distinctive style, there are a lot of technical issues that persist through out.

• Sound: 6.0 -- Good voicing but not enough of it. Music is good but repetitive and sometimes the sound effects seem like they're missing.

• Gameplay: 6.5 -- Some good ideas and intentions are hampered by poor and archaic design decisions. At least the game wants to be liked and it's actually quite reasonable in co-op.

• Lifespan: 7.5 -- This is a game that could keep you occupied for many, many hours, though it will depend on much you like the repetitiveness and whether your A/X button will hold up.

• Overall: 6.5 -- If you can get some friends together, there's some bashtastic fun to be had with Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. That is, more than you would have on your own.

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INehalemEXI4034d ago

This is slated for my january purchase calender , cause the demo left me wanting more. Though the maps did seem way to linear.