Resistance: Fall of Man Hands-On Update: Fighting the Good Fight

Microsoft's mammoth Halo franchise has long held dominion over the console-bound first-person shooter fan, but Sony and developer Insomniac Games are planning an insurgency with Resistance: Fall of Man, arguably the flagship title set to accompany the PlayStation 3's launch in mid-November. Gamespot were fortunate to visit Insomniac's Burbank, California-based offices recently to get a load of Resistance running on final PlayStation 3 development hardware. Lead members from all departments of the game's massive development effort took time out of their schedules to give them a look at the game, which is looking to be one of the more solid (and prettier) shooters coming to next-gen consoles.

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drewdrakes5849d ago

Ok im sorry, this game does look good, but Halo killer is being thrown around more then iPod killer. Guess what, its going to be very tough to dethrone Halo, and keep in mind your competing with a game released years ago. The new halo will be out soon (dont know if it will be good or not, not enough info). But honestly, you seriously think this game could take on Halo? Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Its better NOT to say the game is a halo killer, because it wont get peoples hopes up and will be more likely to surprise people in a good way. Im not just attacking the PS3, dont worry. The same thing is happening with Gears. But the problem is, its not the developers doing this, its fanboys and critics (some critics i feel have no idea what theyre talking about). I find when you build up a game/movie and think its going to be the greatest game ever, youre more likely to be disappointed.

HyperBear5849d ago

Just like with Halo 2. There was sooo much hype about it and everything, Id ought to know, i waited an hour to get it in a long line-up. And when i played it and finished it, and found out it was pretty boring, I just flipped out and said,"There better be a Halo 3, or else this will just suck". so sure enough, there is a Halo 3 coming and it is the game to end all games. Resistance = Best PS FPS Game EVER. In my opinion. No FPS has looked good on a PS console as does this game. ITS SWEET, but not a Halo-Killer-Sweet

calderra5848d ago

You wanna know what makes Halo 2 great? Skip the reviews and look at the reality of it- Halo 2 is, if I'm not mistaken, STILL the most-played online console game in the world. YEARS after release, it just absolutely dominates.

In fact, Bungie put out some numbers showing that a few months ago, Halo 2's online play had "dropped" only to roughly the same level it had been at launch. In essence, It took about 2 years for the level of online play to come back down to the level of the largest video entertainment release in history.


bullet5849d ago

I agree with both of you..The game looks great but I don't really see it beatting Halo anytime soon. but who knows we will all have to wait a couple more months and see for our self.

zypher5849d ago

what makes Halo so great? i can agure that Goldeneye 007, Red Faction and Half Life are all three better fps' than Halo. at least those three offered something a lot more refreshing than Halo, which, like the editor of this article said about Resistance, seemed to be an exceptionally feature-packed wheel rather than a completely reinvented wheel. not trying knock Halo or anything, but i wouldn't necessarily say that it's the fps by which all other fps' should be measured.

Phenom195849d ago

i think halo is a great game and is my personal favorite. anybody can play it for fun and laughs and you can play it like your life depended on it lol. with some people earning big contracts to play this game i would like to think it shows how good/fun the game is and how highly replayable it is.

bullet5849d ago

Have you even played Halo before? It has a great story line,very detailed graphics,And a incredible online experience,just look at the fan base I also had to stand in line at ebgames for almost two hours when Halo2 came out.If it was not a great game it would not have sold half the second time around.Also how can you compare Halo to 007? thats kinda funny.

Phenom195849d ago

i completely agree with u man

zypher5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

naw, i NEVER played Halo ;/ of course i've played Halo. i don't make empty comments about games without ever having played them. 1st game opens with your ship getting destroyed by the Covenant, which you fight until their nemesis (the Flood...what a well thoughtout name for an enemy) takes their place. the second game's a blur, because quite simply it's story sucked. you spend half the time playing as a Covenant arbiter, just to turn around and battle some huge ape at the end (which you yourself don't really fight, so much as jump around on the upper levels while your buddies do all the dirty work). yeah, i know my Halo. i ain't saying it isn't a good game, just not deserving of all the praise it gets. my reasoning for saying that it ain't all that revolutionary is simply because it isn't. even in your response you can't explain to me what differentiates Halo from other fps, what makes it so great, without resorting to superficial graphics (i ain't even gonna say anything about the story, cause quite frankly it's about as tried and true as the gameplay). 007, Red Faction, Half Life...these were all fps' of their own kind. Halo puts a gun in your hand, coats everything with pretty graphics, points and tells you to shoot the bad guys. whats revolutionary about that? and people dog Resistance? sure, we don't know much about the story; but at least the game tries to differentiate itself by offering what promises to be the biggest, most diverse arsenal of weapons ever in a game...which is something that can't be said about Halo.

RuffRyder5849d ago

I still need to see some solid and REAL gameplay footage.

I dont think RFOM = Best PS FPS ever when rainbow six and COD3 already looks better.

Eternal E 8085848d ago

and it gose to show that you dont need more disc space to make a great looking game but truth is more disc space the better for game devs also to get back on topic this game is going to be cool a will make alot of ps3 fans happy but it will never dethrone halo mark my words.

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