80 games to dream on 2008 (part 1 of 4)

One of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames, has published the List of the 80 games more anticipated of 2008.

Today the first part of the list, 80 to 61:

80.- Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (Spark Unlimited/Codemasters) – PC/PS3/Xbox 360
79.- Hard to be a God (Akella/Nobilis Ibérica) - PC
78.- WET (A2M/ Vivendi Games) - PS3/Xbox 360
77.- Command & Conquer 3: Kane´s Wrath (EA Los Angeles/Electronic Arts) – PC/Xbox 360
76.- Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements (Arkane Studios/Ubisoft) – Xbox 360
75.- Zack & Wiki: Barbaros Treasure (Capcom) - Wii
74.- Civilization Revolution (Firaxis/Take Two) – PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/NDS
73.- The Lord of the Creatures (Arvirago/Atari) - PC
72.- Patapon (Interlink/Sony) - PSP
71.- Final Fantasy IV (Square Enix) – Nintendo DS
70.- La Conspiración de Bourne (High Moon Studios/Vivendi Games) - PS3/Xbox 360
69.- Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (Gearbox/Ubisoft) - PC/PS3/Xbox 360
68.- Dead Space (EA Redwood Shores/Electronic Arts) - PS3/Xbox 360
67.- LEGO: Batman (Traveller's Tales/Warner Bros. Interactive) - PC/PS3/Xbox 360/PS2/PSP/NDS/Wii
66.- Los Cazafantasmas: El Videojuego (Terminal Reallity/Vivendi Games) - PC/PS3/Xbox 360/PS2/NDS/Wii
65.- Borderlands (Gearbox/Take Two) - PS3/Xbox 360
64.- Prototype (Radical Entertainment/Vivendi Games) - PC/PS3/Xbox 360
63.- The Club (Bizarre Creations/SEGA) - PC/PS3/Xbox 360
62.- No More Heroes (Grasshopper Manufacture/Virgin) – Wii
61.- World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (Blizzard/Vivendi Games) - PC

Explanation of each title after the jump (This story has been translated by Google translator pages).

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Capt CHAOS4040d ago

80 games to 'dream of' in 2008?

So implying that there are almost two games a week that I would wet myself over?

Just get a life Sir, there are usually about 5 games a year to 'dream of'.

aggh im on fire4040d ago

As much as im looking forward to GTA and the new MGS its Alan Wake thats my most wanted.

Batusai4040d ago

My favourite of this list (80 to 61) is World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

In general, my most wanted is Mafia II

Skerj4040d ago

Damn of that preliminary list I had already planned to get 6 of those games. If The Club turns out alright then it'll be 7, crap I'll be spending more on games next year than I thought.