Man arrested for stalking girls via Xbox Live

In Spokane, Washington, a 20-year-old man was arrested on felony stalking charges after chatting to a 15-year-old girl on Xbox Live and eventually threatening to rape the girl and her sister.

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GunShotEddy4568d ago

These people think they can say threatening things to scare students and children and nothing will happen to them? I hope this idiot goes to jail for scaring little kids. Better yet, let the girl's dad have 10 minutes with the guy in a locked room first.

ddldave4568d ago

lol this is why i have a ps3 instead. 360's are full of either squeeky girly voiced 11 year old boys, or it's full of 20-50 year old perverted rapists.

candystop4568d ago

As soon as home hits people will be acting crazy on there as well! However 360 does have its fair share of sicko's and racist's but this is an issue that goes well beyond live. There should be a way to label exactly what kind of player your gaming with.

ravenguard884568d ago

It's the internet... Not Xbox Live. Anyone with any experience knows the internet is home to the socially inept dirtbags of the world. At least Xbox Live has a very strict rule set that is to be followed whereas you can pretty much do whatever you want on the internet.

MvC Xtrm4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

[quote=ddldave] lol this is why i have a ps3 instead. 360's are full of either squeeky girly voiced 11 year old boys, or it's full of 20-50 year old perverted rapists. [/END QUOTE

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - --

You're a clown. "this is why i have a ps3 instead. deeef"

I meet some cool ass people on Xbox Live playing "M" Rated Games occasionally. Key words here, "M" f*cking rated. Good lord, the dude was probably joking around and she @ 15 should not be playing adult games. I mean, really, what's the guy gonna do online? If he were serious I would like to beat his ass but she shouldn't be playing with the big boys at 15 on "M" rated games anyhow.

Edit: My bad, I didn't read past the headline until now. I didnt realise how far he took it. Yeah, that sick S.O.B. should stick to his own aged woman. That's just sad going for middle school chicks.


"Anything but Cute" - You're kind of making me think twice about your intentions here after reading some disturbing things you've typed... and I think your avatar just adds fuel to the fire. I'm definitely suggesting but not accusing. If I were you (that sexually frustrated), I would strongly suggest lowering your standards in women so you can actually get 'some', or having yourself a full blown weekend on Internet porn until you're stick is raw and it's out of your system...That or talk to a psychiatrist. Hahaha I'm serious, dude. That sh*t ain't normal. Hahahaha

MvC Xtrm4568d ago

WTF does this have to do with Xbox Live users? This sh*t would happen on PS3 just as well if Sony offered a free mic with every PS3. It happens everywhere there is communication! Pull your narrow-minded head out of your ass kid and join us down here on earth. You stupid asses who spin this on making us Xbox Live users look like trash need a muthaFawkin reality check!

Genuine4568d ago

When Home rolls around, I garuntee that there will be a problem with perverts bringing younglings to their virtual apartment where they have real porn playing on their virtual big screen tv's. PSN will probably turn into a stinking cespool of pedophiles. I know my kid will not be playing on PSN.

Lcarrero54568d ago

Dude he drove 40 hours to get there and started driving by their house. I doubt "the dude was probably joking around"

nupes984568d ago

I completely agree with you. This problem extends far beyond xbox live to the very nature of what we consider manhood.

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Mr_Kuwabara4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

Why bother with little girls?

Sick bastard. I bet he's a virgin.

Edit @to the little girl below

What are you talking about? How can you come to the conclusion that I find this funny when I haven't post anything that says that I find it so? And yes I do infact find him sexualy frustrated and indeed he should go to jail or atleast take some mental classes.

I'm 19 years old, male and I'm not a person that would express myself, flirt or even say those [email protected]$$ things that he said to a 15 year old girl. Heck I wouldn't even say (as in talk sexually to a woman I just met) or stalk a girl my age, that's just retarded. If I like a woman I simply go up to her as a the man that I am, express my feelings towards her, if she rejects, fine by me, the hell am I going to do stalk? Hell no.

You surprise me today Anything but Cute, I've always seen your posts and even though I disagree with most of them, your opinion on this story just baffles me.

I hope that when you grow up and have a daughter, you wouldn't be happy if a 80 year old old man sexually harasses her.

Anything but Cute4568d ago

and now you want him locked up in jail. And you think it's funny.

Wow, aren't you amazing.

Guwapo774568d ago

I use to think you were just a PS3 hater but no big thing. But after this comment I've coming to realize your more childish than I had originally thought. It's sad to see people like you on the internet starving for attention even if its in the negative light.

You'll be the first person I've placed on ignore. Congrats!

SabreMan4568d ago

you disgust me, an adult who acts in the manner he did towards a minor deserves to be locked up for a long time, just the intent is enough for me especially when children are concerned. If you were a parent you would realize this, if you are then you should know better

your a lowlife

Boink4568d ago

should be fined extra for thinking there were lots of girls there to stalk...

reaferfore204568d ago

I have never heard a female voice on xbl.

sak5004568d ago

LOL. I hear it most of the time but those aren't girls but squeaky voiced kids whose ball's havn't dropped. I bet this girl is actually a young boy with high pitched voice. Would be fun if its true and he confronts the stalker in the courtroom.

Another thing, out of 7million live users we're bound to face some percentage of sickos, but what about thousands of paedophiles in chat rooms across the world trying to lure young people for their ghastly intentions?

Anyway, this 20yr old sicko shud have his 360 taken from him and he shud be locked up with some 40+ yr old Rednecks waiting to cash in on his a$$.

ReBurn4567d ago

I've only ever played against one girl on XBL. And she soundly kicked my butt on DOA4. She was everyone's hero for embarrassing the snot out of this racist kid to the point where he just left the game.

iamtehpwn4568d ago

That wouldn't happen with Wii friends codes :D

JokesOnYou4568d ago

people think they can say anything they want online, and I'm all for free speech but there are always limits, so I hope micro also starts identifying and banning those gamertags of members who constantly spew their racist hate filled remarks online also, but ONLY after they have verifiable proof/recordings etc of members displaying this behavior.