GTA to whack Wii?

At its pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference in May, Microsoft stunned attendees by announcing that Grand Theft Auto IV would be released on the Xbox 360 the same day and date it arrives on the PlayStation 3. Though Sony reps would later play it down, the development meant that the long exclusivity window that prior GTA games had on the PlayStation 2 would not survive the next-generation console transition.

But while Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas all appeared on the Xbox, no GTA game ever made it to the GameCube. In fact, the only GTA games to make it to a Nintendo platform were the handheld top-down titles Grand Theft Auto (Game Boy Color, 1999), Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBC, 2000), and Grand Theft Auto Advance (Game Boy Advance, 2004).

However, now comes word that the Wii might be carjacked by the GTA franchise.

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Asylumchild5851d ago

HAHAHAHA SWEET! GTA on a Nintedno this will be interesting

wulfgar885851d ago

GTA on thats innovative...the rocket launcher just got alot more fun

PS360WII5851d ago

I do have to say this is a great rumor. Wii and GTA would be intreasting to say the least. Lets see what happens