Playstation Magazine Fallout 3 interview with Bethesda's Emil Pagiarulo

Playstation the Official Magazine posted their top 10 PS3 games for 2008. Fallout 3 is #5 and there's a short Q&A with Emil Pagliarulo on it.

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reaferfore204572d ago

I will quit my job over this game. Too bad AO games are in direct relation to satan/hitler/diq cheney. I'd really love a gow style hooker minigame where you choose your talkin dirty dialogue while shooting up psycho and dragon kicking little kids. Hell I wanna shoot the kids up with psycho and see what happens. Maybe they'd dragon kick me?! I guess we'll never know.... oh and I'm glad to hear we can still plant bombs on people and watch them explode. Wonderful isn't it?