Road To The IGF: World Of Goo's 'Suggested Emotional Journey' To Wii

Continuing Gamasutra's 'Road to the IGF' feature, they talk to 2D Boy's Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler about their IGF 2008 Seumas McNally Grand Prize finalist World of Goo.

The title, which was one of the most-nominated in this year's IGF, is a physics-based puzzler to be released for PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo's Wii - and featuring balls of goo that don't realize they are delicious.

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ChickeyCantor4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

coming soon? i want it now XD looks fun, like the music too XD

Their studio is called 2d Boy, i really hope they will make more games because i miss 2d games on a console

Devr4041d ago

Good stuff, I really like physics based puzzle games like this one.

wiizy4041d ago

nice the more variety of games for the wii the better to keep everyone entertain

Skerj4040d ago

Ok that looks cool as all hell, getting it for sure based on that pic alone. The IGF's showcase some of the most innovative games you'll ever see, I hope everyone in the finals gets a chance at bringing their game to the masses.